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Best Cryptocurrency Games for Android 2022

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2022 is just the right year to join the “crypto family.” All conditions are created for this, and virtual funds are becoming easier and more profitable. If you are a game lover and would like to replenish your wallet while having fun, then you should get acquainted with crypto games for Android.

What Are Crypto Games For Android?

To understand what cryptocurrency games for Android are, you should remember yourself 10 years ago, when arcade games, strategies, simulators, and other fun appeared on smartphones. However, such a pastime did not bring many benefits at that date, but now you can make money on it.

In a word, this is a successful combination of blockchain technology and mobile games. Crypto games on Android are, at their core, applications in which players can own certain digital property and be able to dispose of it freely. That is, withdraw, exchange, or sell this property, both inside the game and on third-party trading platforms. The authenticity and uniqueness of assets are confirmed by the blockchain.

How Do They Work?

It is a known fact that there are free and paid games. As a rule, the latter are more attractive, better designed, unique, and captivating. Therefore, here you can draw a parallel between the regular (in the classical sense) game with paid features and the crypto. In the first case, a game server is maintained by one developer, who also pays for it. Blockchain Android games have the same server, but not only has one developer control it, but thousands of other people, that is, miners, have.

Therefore, this action (information) must be saved when a player operates. Saving takes place not on one computer but on many, and it is at this moment that the blockchain comes to the fore. For the correct operation of, which investments / efforts / interest of miners are required. To maintain all of the above, users conduct various kinds of crypto transactions, which are a kind of incentives.

Best Crypto Games For Android

Analyzing statistics for many years, it is impossible to say exactly what kind of mobile entertainment users prefer. In this regard, the NFT developers provide many different types of games with various themes, and you just have to choose the one that appeals to you the most.


Animal and country life adherents will love CropBytes. After starting the game, you need to build and develop a farm, produce, and sell products, and much more. You should know that CropBytes combines the concept of a good old virtual farm with the token of the same name. The main use of the game asset is aimed at buying characters, helpful stuff, and so on, as well as trading in general. Soon, the developers plan to provide their users with a choice of several virtual currencies in order to ensure the continued interest and full functioning of the platform.

In addition, the project is not only available as an application for Android but also for Apple devices, as well as the site itself. Take into account that an essential condition for players' success is a regular activity.


Merge Cats

Cats were created with their 9 lives to touch people's souls. And so, the developers of Merge Cats took this knowledge into service and created a simple but exciting game with a "soulful" token. The essence of the game is clear from the name. The player needs to combine cats of the same level while getting a cat of a higher level. By crossing two cats of the first level, you get one cat of the second level, and so on.

Next step, you release the cats onto the track where they bring coins. Although SOUL coins are more important to players than cat paw ones, the two gaming assets are related. To get such desired crypto resources, you can complete daily quests, spending just a couple of minutes of your time. It will also help you get a level 12 cat, which will unlock the withdrawal of your tokens.


Battle Racing Stars

To distract yourself from the "animal segment" of crypto games, you should switch your attention to Battle Racing Stars. Up to 4 players can take part in one race. The game developers offer their users to choose characters with the best features. But what is special about each of them and how NFT services are provided in this application, you can find out for yourself by downloading it, setting the mode, and starting a session.


Crazy Kings

Crazy Kings is a mobile strategy game that is part of the Crazy Kings project. The player's task is to create a stronger army than the opponents to defend their tower. During the game, players collect or even create cards, and in order to become the best and improve their features and performance, they use TOWER tokens.


Blankos Block Party

If you are a creative person, appreciate street art, and want to create a unique character, then this game with incredible colorfulness and sounds is just for you. The game token and the currency you earn from completing missions can be used to purchase new characters, accessories emotes, and more.


Types Of Crypto Games

The number of games based on the blockchain is being released more and more every day. To choose only the best crypto games for android and other devices, you should know their main types.

Play To Earn NFT Games

NFT or non-fungible token, is an asset that is a vital part of the blockchain and cannot be directly substituted with other tokens or coins. Thus, "play-to-earn" (P2E for short) are video games where users can earn NFT tokens through their gaming activities. The value of gaming cryptocurrency depends on the demand, to wit, on the number of active players. The greater the demand, the easier it is to conduct various transactions with the token later.

Games For Players (Reward: In-game Coins & Transaction)

This type of game is based on in-game coins and internal actions. You earn and make purchases with a specific type of coins and only within the game.

Free To Play Games

Free To Play or F2P games actively develop if there is a demand for them and a high user rating. In this case, the project receives sufficient funding and does not require players to use their funds (payments, purchases, donations, etc.).

How To Start Playing Crypto Games On Android?

It does not take much to successfully start a session in most crypto games for Android. First, if you are interested in this type of entertainment, you need to own digital assets. Second, which is directly related to the previous point, is that you have an online wallet. Third, you download the application you are interested in, follow the instructions, register, make purchases, and so on.

Crypto Gaming Future

If you are thinking about whether or not to get involved in crypto games and what the future of gaming looks like, then the answer is yes; it is worth it and still promising. If you have funds that you are thinking about where to invest them, then know that interest in games will continue to grow. This is a relatively new direction in the crypto world but actively developing. And most players understand that the sooner they join a project with potential, the greater the chance of earning.


Pros And Cons

The advantages of cryptocurrency games for Android include:

  • Entertainment. After all, multiple games are a very exciting and complex process.
  • Ease of access. Any crypto owner can download and run the game.
  • Earnings. This is an opportunity to replenish your wallet quickly and easily.
  • Transparent services. Since the principle of operation of the blockchain is the transparency of transactions.
  • The main disadvantage is the volatility of the cost of some tokens and, as a result, the risk of losing the money invested.

    Summing Up

    The field of cryptocurrency games is now actively developing and attracting many users. Moreover, this is an exciting pastime option with the possibility of earning money. You can choose a strategy, simulation, or other games and try something new for yourself.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Earn Money In Crypto Games For Android?

    Yes, you can earn money in crypto games for Android.

    What Are Crypto Games For Android?

    This kind of application combines various types of games with the possession of crypto assets, their exchange, transactions, and more.

    How To Play Crypto Games On Android Mobile?

    To play cryptocurrency games for Android, you need to have digital assets, download the app, and follow the instructions.

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