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Published April 23, 2022|11 min read

Best Apps to Buy Altcoins and Trading in 2022

The best app to buy altcoins can help quickly complete a purchase. This guide has been created for every beginner who wants to learn comprehensive info on this topic.

How to Find the Best Altcoin App

Some of the best applications are provided in this article so that you can pick something from them. It is also possible to search for other options available on the net. Users need to have a clear idea of what they need. For example, if it is a beginner, one is interested in finding an application with a simple design and a few tools available. A professional trader likely wants to get access to more advanced tools.

What Are the Signs of a Good App?

The best app to buy altcoins will match different requirements, so it is important to mind them when making your choice. The main factors to pay attention to are described below:

Proven Developer,

A reliable developer will know how to create a safe application that you can trust. All such applications can be downloaded from official stores where the publisher is mentioned. Users can find more information on the company, such as previously developed software products, customer reviews, security measures used, and more. It is preferable to pick an application from developers with a good reputation.

High Ratings from Users

That is an important factor for each user who wants to get such an app. It takes time to get a clear idea of all the advantages and disadvantages of the application, but thanks to customer reviews, it is possible to learn about the best things and issues. Also, it gives an overall idea of whether such an application is worth attention or not. It is very easy to find this information on the official download page. Both App Store and Google Play Store allow users to publish reviews and votes. This creates an average rating for every application. People can easily find positive and negative reviews to make their opinion.


When it comes to investments, users want to buy and sell specific cryptocurrencies. It may also be essential to access various other assets for diversification purposes.

Some platforms allow doing other things, such as shopping, splitting costs, accessing information from other exchanges, etc. Users should familiarize themselves with the functions provided by different platforms to be aware of the opportunities that they can have. Testing the platform personally will help decide whether it is satisfactory in terms of functionality or better to search for something else.

Convenient Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Any exchange app with altcoins will offer a range of payment methods. Traders will use them for depositing and withdrawals. Preferences regarding the method to use vary depending on the user. Some people may want to make instant transactions using their bank cards, while others may be interested in making payments using e-wallets. If you have particular preferences of what to use, you should check the availability of the desired option before getting the application.

Wide Choice of Cryptocurrencies for Trading

Some applications allow trading a few cryptocurrencies, while others give access to hundreds of options. Even if you have an intention to buy a particular altcoin, it is still recommended to get an application giving access to multiple coins. If you decide to trade something else, you will not need to download a different application because you will have plenty of options available in the application you currently use. It would also be useful to check whether new altcoins are added to the platform regularly.

Top 10 Best Apps to Buy Altcoins

The best altcoin apps have the highest rating for different reasons, such as customer reviews, commissions, and others. The chances are that you can pick the right apps from the offered options.




It is a good choice for those looking for the best app to buy altcoins. Over 140 altcoins are offered at this exchange, such as IOTA, ETH, NEO, XRP, WTC, and GAS. It belongs to a few platforms providing fully-fledged applications for Android and iOS users. Windows users can also download a separate app version on their devices. Binance has a user-friendly interface allowing trading of different cryptocurrencies and tracking prices.

Thanks to the QR code, it is easy to install the right version from the exchange's official website. Traders can use BNB, native platform tokens, which can save them nearly 50% on trading fees. Another great advantage of this platform is high liquidity.

At the moment, its rating in Google Play Store is 4.1, based on more than 600,000 votes. In App Store, the app’s rating is 4.7 based on more than 100,000 votes.


The best app to buy altcoins can be found on this platform. Coinbase offers functional apps with an intuitive interface. Over 68 million people use it. Various crypto coins are at their disposals, such as Cash, Ethereum, USDT Litecoin, BAT, ZRX, and more.

The dashboards of the apps allow quickly accessing user portfolios. Another great opportunity is to earn returns and rewards for certain crypto coins that you have. Users can filter the news feed to access the best picks from various sources, such as CoinDesk, Coin Telegraph, and others. They can also receive helpful notifications on price changes. The application's rating in Google Play Store is more than 4.2 based on over 660,000 votes, and its rating in App Store is 4.7 based on nearly 1,600,000 reviews.


This exchange is used by over 5 million people in more than 70 countries. The first app of eToro was launched in 2010. Today, users can access updated app versions at official app stores.

The applications allow doing various actions, such as managing portfolios, viewing charts, trading, etc. Updates are released regularly to ensure a top-notch trading experience. Generally, users offer more than 1,000 investment opportunities, such as ETFs, commodities, currencies, CFD stocks, and more. It is even possible to monitor the activities of the leading investors. If you believe that it might be the best altcoin app for you, download it from the official app stores. The rating of this application is 4 based on over 100,000 votes in Google Play Market. Its rating is 4.3 based on more than 1,600 reviews on App Store.


Gemini applications are also available for download from official app stores. It is a good option for seasoned traders who usually work with lots of money. The exchange holds the license from the New York DFS. The application comes with tough security measures. Users can also benefit from different insurance schemes.

The Gemini Pay feature allows paying for products and services in cryptocurrencies at thousands of retail locations across the US. Professional traders will find all the necessary features, such as opening different order types, advanced charting tools, and others.

Based on more than 38,000 votes in Google Play Store, the application has a rating of 4.5. Its rating in the App Store is 4.8, based on more than 80,000 reviews.


It is one of the altcoin exchange apps suitable for advanced traders. They can benefit from cheap margin trading on crypto. Certain crypto coins can be used for futures trading. There are plenty of helpful tools, products, and resources for beginners.

Over 110 crypto coins are supported by this exchange, such as ETH, ADA, DOGE, LTC, DOT, MATIC, XRP, XLM, SOL, and SUSHI. Its simple user interface is easy to use by everyone. Another benefit of this exchange is its high liquidity.

The application is rated 4.2 based on more than 15,000 votes in Google Play Store. Based on nearly 11,000 reviews, its rating in App Store is 4.5.


It is an affordable platform with multiple crypto coins. The use of the native token CRO allows for gaining more benefits. Fees taken by the exchange are quite low. All in all, users will find more than 150 crypto coins. It comes with a wide choice of payments, and users will find it extremely easy to convert currencies. Some transactions require no fees, such as sending cryptocurrencies to other users through the mobile application. As for security, it is tough. The two app versions provide quick access to the platform’s functionalities. It is possible to set price alerts and use other helpful tools. The apps’ ratings are 3.7 (based on over 270,000 votes) and 4.3 (based on nearly 70,000 reviews) on Google Play Store and App Store.

CEX.IO features a user-friendly interface design and great functionality. It belongs to the best apps for altcoins designed for users of different mobile platforms. They are easy to use to purchase cryptocurrencies using credit or debit cards and other payment methods. By using QR codes, users can make deposits in BTC and LTC. The application is also linked with other exchanges. This provides users with plenty of data from multiple sources, which allows for more accurate analysis. The apps run smoothly so that users can count on a seamless experience. Its rating is 3.5 in Google Play Store (more than 16,500 votes) and 4.6 in App Store based on 4,700 reviews.


Lots of people believe that Cryptotrader offers the best app to buy altcoins. It is easy to track price changes and use different indicators, such as EMA and MACD. The customer service is brilliant for everyone. Cryptotrader offers automatic trading, which is convenient and beneficial for beginners. To start using this platform, traders need to register and make a deposit. Applications can be found in both Google Play Store (no rating is available at the moment) and App Store (4.1 based on nearly 500 reviews).


It is an exchange and broker based in Israel. Coinmama has been around since 2013. It is a simple, safe, and convenient destination to buy cryptocurrencies using a credit card. Multiple crypto coins can be purchased on this platform. The support team is available around-the-clock. There are ten cryptocurrencies available for purchase. While there is a mobile application for users of this platform, it is only available for Android devices (rating of 3.5 based on more than 100 reviews). The platform is more suitable for European users. While US customers can also use it, there are more favorable options.

Cash App

Cash App is suitable for conducting different actions, such as splitting costs with friends, shopping online, etc. It works like a bank account. Users can even order debit cards with their designs using this application. As for cryptocurrencies supported, only Bitcoin can you use there. Its rating in Google Play Store is 4.6 based on more than 1 million votes and 4.7 in App Store based on more than 2 million reviews, so it surely belongs among the best apps to trade altcoins.

Is It Safe to Use Apps for Cryptocurrencies

Security measures used for protection depend on the mobile application. A free service called Mobile X-Ray allows testing and getting the results on how safe the application is. So, before you start using any cryptocurrency application, you can check it first.

There are also some things that you can do to enhance the level of protection:

  • Avoid using the apps when being connected to insecure networks, such as public Wi-Fi.
  • Use a VPN with encryption to protect your data.
  • It is also important to find relevant info on vulnerabilities of a certain application on the Internet. If there are any cases of losing data or money, you will easily find them. Also, there are additional security tools to protect mobile devices, such as biometric authentication.

    Why You Should Try More Than One Best App to Trade Altcoins

    That is the only right way to pick an ideal application for mobile or desktop users. There are several options available, and each of them has certain peculiarities. That is related to design, convenience, available options, and other matters. If there were the best app to buy altcoins that satisfies everyone’s needs, developers would not create more.

    You can make a list of several applications that match your primary requirements. Download and test them one by one. Check how you like navigation, functionality, customer support, the availability of assets, and other options. Your own experience will be the best helper in making the right choice.

    It is possible to use different applications simultaneously if you have sufficient space on your device. Users should test each application comprehensively. Try to make deposits, withdrawals, and other transactions to compare the differences in fees, speed, and convenience. Check whether you can find all the necessary tools quickly and easily. Contacting the representatives of customer support would give an idea of how quickly they respond and how helpful they are. Once you notice something you do not like or any issue, you can delete the application and continue testing the remaining ones.

    Pros & Cons of Using a Cryptocurrency App

    There are both benefits and drawbacks of using your phone or another device; so, check them out before choosing and downloading the best app to buy altcoins:


    Generally, the benefits are great. As for drawbacks, possible security issues are the most significant disadvantage. However, there are specific actions that users can do to ensure full reliable protection.


    Altcoins can be used for different purposes, and more and more people are interested in purchasing them. This may be done for investment, shopping, making peer-to-peer transactions, and more. The best crypto apps for altcoins are a great solution for everyone who wishes to get instant access to certain exchanges on the go.

    It is essential to find the best app to trade different altcoins, which will ensure a seamless experience. The decision should be based on various factors, such as security, ease of use, the number of available altcoins, the availability of necessary tools, and others. Testing different applications is an effective way to pick the right option.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Find the Best Altcoin App?

    Decide on what you expect to find in such applications and create a list with several options. Then, you can download the apps and test them for some time to determine which one you like the most.

    What Is the Best App to Buy Altcoins?

    You should evaluate this yourself based on your preferences. However, several Altcoin apps are more popular than others, so consider checking them out.

    Why Should You Try More Than One Best App to Trade Altcoins?

    This allows gaining experience in working with different applications. Also, it is an effective way to find a perfect option.