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Published April 23, 20226 min read

How to Trade Altcoins for Profit In 2022

CoinMooner Team

Everyone knows about the huge potential of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but it is possible to gain money on crypto-only if you know how to trade altcoins. BTC is extremely expensive already, and its price will go up, making it inaccessible for many people. Luckily, numerous altcoins can bring decent profits if you manage to trade them to your advantage.

What Is Trading?

Trading altcoins means speculating on certain crypto's price changes or simply buying and selling tokens after they have reached a higher price. This is very similar to trading fiat money or stocks. The goal is to purchase crypto for a certain amount of fiat money or other altcoins and sell it at a premium.

How to Start Trade Altcoins


Many beginner crypto users want to learn how to trade altcoin and make it profitable. Even though this is not an easy process, diving into trading without tons of special knowledge or resources is possible.

Follow the Trading Platform

First, you will need to choose a reliable platform to trade your assets if you want to know how to make money trading altcoins. Crypto exchanges offer the most convenient way of trading altcoins. You can choose between centralized and decentralized exchanges (or CEX and DEX for short). The main difference is that centralized exchanges require each user to sign up and provide certain information about them, which adds to security. In addition, CEX is a more user-friendly solution for beginners.

Register an Account

After picking a suitable crypto exchange, it is time to create a virtual account. With this account, you will be able to deposit funds and spend them on buying altcoins and store your crypto before selling it. Keep in mind that crypto exchanges normally charge transaction fees. However, certain platforms do not involve additional fees, and you can deposit funds easily.

Enable Two-factor Authentication

When discovering how to trade altcoins, mobile authentication is a must. Two-factor authentication is an additional security layer, which is crucial when trading altcoins. This is a verification that you can perform via your portable devices. Download unique authentication apps on at least two devices to ensure maximum safety for your trading account.

Buy or Sell Transactions

You can buy or sell crypto currencies based on your altcoin trading strategies. It is possible to purchase a certain amount of crypto and store it before selling at a suitable time with a trading account. Or you can simply choose any amount of your asset and buy or sell it to open either a long or short position.

Top 5 Platforms for Trade

It is important to select a reliable and advantageous trading platform for your deals. You can look up a list of the most popular crypto exchanges to better understand high-quality trading platforms. Some of the best trading websites in 2022 are:

  • Binance: 0.1-0.5% fees
  • 0.4% fees
  • Coinbase: 0,5-4,5% fees
  • eToro: 0.75-2.9% fees
  • Gemini: 0.5-3.99% fees
  • image

    Read about each platform carefully to select the most suitable site for your needs specifically.

    Strategies for Trading Altcoins

    There are various strategies for trading altcoin, although not all of them are one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, each strategy is designed to fit specific traders’ needs. Yet, they can be divided into long and short-term crypto trading strategies.

    Long-Term Trading Strategy

    If you are interested in how to trade altcoins for profit, a long-term play might be your choice. Long-term trading means purchasing a certain amount of crypto and storing it for a lengthy period of time until the best opportunity for selling comes. However, this is not a suitable strategy for people who want to receive a regular and frequent profit. In addition, it is extremely difficult to pick the prime time for selling tokens and receiving huge income.

    Short-Term Trading Strategy

    One of the most popular short-term trading schemes is day trading. This means that traders collect and sell altcoins within the same day. Of course, there is a high risk of losing some money, but crypto trading is highly volatile at its core. In addition, if you diversify your trading portfolio by purchasing different altcoins, you will have a much higher chance of receiving profits.

    Things to Know Before Start

    Some people see crypto millionaires and think that trading altcoins are easy. But in reality, this requires continuous learning and putting a lot of effort into trading. So here are some things you need to know before beginning to trade altcoins.

    Avoid Being Influenced

    It is so easy to fall under someone’s influence when trading crypto, especially if you are a beginner. These coaches and crypto influencers can give good advice but do not blindly follow their recommendations. Instead, read news about cryptocurrency regularly, examine different altcoin exchanges, explore the latest trends, research the history of crypto and trading, etc. This will help you in making your own decisions.

    Be Ready For Loose

    Despite talks about how easy it is to trade altcoins, losing money is a normal part of alternative coin trading. It is a very risky business because of cryptocurrency volatility. However, the payout is excellent if you do it correctly. With a diverse token portfolio, you can protect yourself from losing all your investments and ensure that there will be some income.

    Differences between Investing and Trading Altcoins

    There are a few key differences between investing in altcoin and trading it. These principles are pretty much the same as with money or shares:

  • Timeframe. Investing is a long-term event, whereas trading is short-term. It does not mean that you have to trade your altcoins immediately, but it usually takes up to a few days or weeks. Investing usually takes years before finally selling your tokens at a much higher price.
  • Fees. Long-term trades usually have lower fees than quick deals.
  • Risks. All operations and schemes involving cryptocurrencies are risky by default, but short-term trades are usually more high-risk than long-term investments.
  • Both trading and investing have their pros and cons. It usually comes down to the requirements of each trader. If you want to buy some altcoins and leave them to sell in the future, you should choose investment activity.

    Final Thoughts

    Trading altcoins is a risky process that can make people billionaires or land them in bankruptcy. It requires a lot of skill and knowledge to become a truly successful trader, but you can start anytime and learn as you go. It is possible to gain experience without losing all your money. Trading can be incredibly profitable as cryptocurrencies are very volatile, and it is possible to buy a few cheap tokens and sell them for hundreds of dollars after some time. With this trading guide, you can better understand how to start your trading journey without making rookie mistakes. Thanks to the user-friendly design and convenient features of popular exchanges, it should be easy to start.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Trade Altcoins for Earning Money?

    It is possible to trade altcoins on crypto exchanges. You can earn money by betting on crypto prices to go up or down and benefit from the difference. Or you can purchase altcoins and sell them at a higher price.

    Is It Safe to Trade Altcoins?

    It is safe to trade various cryptos apart from Bitcoin if you are using secure exchanges. Using a trustworthy platform will ensure that you will not get scammed. Yet, it does not protect you from trading losses.

    What Is Better: To Invest or to Trade Altcoins?

    This depends on your preferences, as investing is a long-term strategy, whereas trading is short-term. Trading proves to be more profitable, as you can gain money continuously, but investing can be fruitful in the long run if you manage to sell crypto at a high price.

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