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Published October 15, 2022|2 min read

An update about $MOONER

Staking is now closed

$MOONER staking pools are now closed. The reasoning behind closing staking is explained below:

We launched staking as a way to make holding more interesting for current holders because we were at the beginning of a bear market, and it was a very low-volume time regarding transactions, so we wanted to provide a new option for holders to receive bonuses from holding $MOONER, but people who staked tokens do not receive a distribution from taxes, since the $MOONER tokens aren't in their wallets, but are in the staking pool. Also, we had to allocate some tokens for staking from our reserves, which we instead could use for other things that would help $MOONER grow in the future. Also, we are now able to keep our reserves for things like upcoming development & marketing.

What do I need to do if I have $MOONER tokens staked?

Those who have staked $MOONER already will be able to get their rewards and withdraw here: STAKING

Note: You need to wait for the period you staked for to finish before claiming.

Future Plans

$MOONER token is continuously working towards partnering with other projects and implementing more use cases for the project.

Launching on Tuesday

MoonerTrade is a great place to join if you are interested in trading. You can check out the program's results on the MoonerTrade telegram.

Coming soon

The X2 game. An intense betting game where you go 1vs1 against an opponent and battle it out by betting a certain amount of cryptocurrency. The algorithm then will decide a winner between the two opponents; the winner takes all.


CoinMooner will be launching some quality hoodies with fresh designs for you to rock out in! It will be available for purchase soon!


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