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Published September 7, 2022|2 min read

AMA conducted by CoinMooner Team

AMA Conducted on 7th September 2022


The current roadmap will be updated real soon as the current market situation changes everything.

Development Plans:

- NFT table sectionwill include NFT ads which indirectly relates to more traffic and revenue.

- Website Improvement. Making it easier to naviagate, improved user experience and a better UI. To make it accessable to everyone.

- More ads formats.

- Double X2 Game. The idea the briefly discussed and is in the pipeline - as soon as the developments start, more updates will be provided.

- More revenue indirectly correlates more funding for the development of the website as well as more use cases for the $MOONER.

Things That Have Been Improved Already:

Several changes over past couple of months to improve the SEO for the website. New URLs have been already deployed for every token that has been or will be listed on our website.

Marketing plans:

- Continous Organic Pressure.

- Continous Group Resurrection.

Other Plans for Token:

We are seeking several partnerships with various projects. More news will be provided to the community when we have solid and concrete news.

Our newest partnership with the immersive & talented team of Mobula. Mobula is a decentralized and seamless data aggregator redistributing profit to users and processing data on-chain.

Sorries- Not Doable at the Moment:

- NFTMarketPlace: At the moment, it is not feasable to develop a marketplace to compete with opensea or TOFUNFT as the development costs are way higher than ROI.

- New Chain Bridges: CoinMooner Team requires solid reasoning to do so and if we were to launch on multiple chains, we would also need suggestions on which chains to be considered.

- Launchpad: At the moment, it is a no. The partnerships that we are trying to achieve might be able resolve this constraint.


Should market condition changes, we will look into our decisions and revise it if required.

Something Cool for Mooner

Sniper, our long term holder, has decided to promote $MOONER in this unique way via his shop. Putting QR stickers on all of his products. All the savings obtained from that will be used to push $MOONER further and beyond.

Thank you Sniper for your commendable efforts and services for this community & for everything that you do for the MOONER.

We are also already in talks with coindesk and cointraffic for a partnership at the moment.

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