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Avoteo AVO

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Market cap$9,111,504.03
Launched On2022-09-15
Votes 16506
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Binance Smart Chain: 0xAed8bD0608ef3Cc45290a8d0E4223Ef4C92Dd3dc

⭐️ Introduction to the Avoteo ecosystem

🔥 Avoteo is building a platform where holders will be able to vote for startups that they like or contribute their own ideas or projects. The most voted projects will be funded through Avoteo, and share profits will be distributed amongst the community.

⭐️ Project purpose and benefits for participants

Avoteo is a crypto-based crowdfunding platform built on a voting mechanism. The main purpose of the project is to give the community the power to vote for their favorite project/idea and generate the necessary funds in making sure the projects are realized. On the platform, all holders can represent their ideas. The presentation can be through articles, videos, posters, or any other way the creator chooses. Users can vote by giving upvotes to certain projects. Only a small investment in AVO tokens is required to become a full-fledged member of the community and to be privileged to vote on promising projects. The token will be listed in July alongside the beta release of the Avoteo platform.

Join our presale and benefit in the long run. The team tokens, private sale, and phase 1 tokens are vested ensuring long-term support and stability, especially from Avoteo team members!

Besides a bonus of up to 40%, early investors will benefit from special events like a free NFT from a 500$ investment and a physical silver-plated or full silver coin from an investment of 1000$ and 2500$ respectively.

✅ Very unique project

✅ Team is doxxed

✅ Certik Audit done and contract revised accordingly

✅ Company registered in Spain

✅ Very active and transparent team

✅ Support 24/7

✨ Currently running ICO

You will get up to 40% bonus if you invest now and another 10% if you use a referral link that you can get on our launchpad linked on

Plus you will receive a nice NFT or a real silver coin if you invest a certain amount.

💎 Tokenomics:

Initial Tokens Distribution

Amount of Tokens for ICO 50%
Project Team Share 21%
Referral Token 15%
Bonus and Bounties 5%
Partners & Advisors 9%

Important Links:

🌐 Website:

📞 Telegram:

🐦 Twitter:

📃Contract Address: 0xAed8bD0608ef3Cc45290a8d0E4223Ef4C92Dd3dc

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