Market Cap:$2.38T(-3.58%)
24h Volume:$137.78B
BTC Dominance:51.72%
Cryptocurrencies listed:40793
Total Airdrops:1945
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Baby Kishu CashBKC
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Binance Smart Chain:

BabyKishuCash aims to donate a high percentage of its revenue to dog shelters around the world.

BabyKishuCash comes as an improvement on the famous BabyDoge and is aimed at those people who missed the chance to enter the BabyDoge project early.

Auto yield and liquidity generation protocol On each transaction, the protocol automatically distributes rewards to holders as well as auto-locks a portion of the fees as liquidity.

Baby Kishu Cash is the most authoritative, powerful, and influential Kishu on the BSC Blockchain.

Its smart contract is the most cutting edge and disruptive ever deployed, combining the best functionalities from the most successful tokens and preventing the drawbacks through innovative protocols.

Baby Kishu Cash team is comprised of experienced developers, growth hackers, community managers, branding experts. They are all fully committed to Baby Kishu's Cash takes over.

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