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Market cap$18,107.73
Launched On2021-06-30
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Binance Smart Chain: 0x9134be3c6ebcc49c3bfdbdba15390aac47cc2bfa

Welcome to the pride of BABY LION🦁🦁

The lion isn't the quickest or the biggest animal in the wild, so why is it the king? It is the lion's mentality that makes him the KING OF THE JUNGLE. What makes BABY LION THE KING OF BSC JUNGLE is that Baby Lion is a flexible charity token. $BLN has teamed with worldwide organizations to conduct incoming donation campaigns in various parts of the world, which will be documented by well-known youtubers. The great Baby Lion's pride will be recognized both inside and outside of the crypto realm for being kind to individuals in need. No one can deter a king lion in command, and with our long-term vision, we don't settle for being merely excellent; we aim to be the best in order to give back.

Creating a difference in a decentralized environment is where baby lion has gotten its idea to initiate a well planned token to where the investors are attracted to its roaring potential to be the gem of all trades.

This project is 100% #SAFU. We are here for the long run.

Now let’s make them see that we are the king of the BSC jungle, shall we? 🦁


💯 Total $BLN Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 Quad.)

👍🏻 10% TAX per transaction

🤝 3% to Holders

💰 4% to Liquidity

🥇2% to Charity

🗣 1% to Marketing

‼️ The tax that is intended for the marketing & charity wallet will be directly converted to BNB and not $BLN tokens, therefore our chart will be 100% organic. No presale, no dev wallets, no whitelists. Purely organic.

🔥 40% Initial burn on launch

🔥 15% Lion’s Roar (Manual Burn during milestones)

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