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πŸ“· What is ElementalDoge ? πŸ“·

Website: https://elementaldoge.com/

Tw : https://twitter.com/ElementalDoge
Telegram: https://t.me/elementaldoge

ElementalDoge Contract Address: Launch soon

Tired of the unpredictable gas fees on the Eth network? One day low, one day high? It takes the fun out of trading NFTs.
We’ve come up with the solution with our new market place for BSC with low gas fees so you can mint, trade and show off your collectibles for a low price.

We will reward the members of our community who actively participate by giving away free NFTs that will appreciate as the project grows.

We aim to revolutionise the NFT space by making NFTs highly accessible for all.

The platform will make minting NFTs a breeze by completely stream-lining the process.

We will also make purchasing and owning NFTs simple by making the process of purchase easy and automating some options of what to do with the NFT once purchased, whether you would like to simply add the NFT to your collectibles in your wallet or if you would like to re-sell.

Either way the process of doing so will be completely automated for you at the click or tap of a button.


So we are finishing our beta version of the NFT market place - which will be released on the 10st of September. We still need to test the speed and loading times and also how much traffic it can take on the busiest days - so we can ensure maximum speed when interacting with the website. Therefore, the marketplace has limited use as of now until we finalise all the intricate details.
We will use funds raised from the marketing to further develop the marketplace so it’s fully functional. The marketing funds will also be used to promote our platform in multiple places in order to gain exposure and become one of the most used BSC NFT marketplaces in the space.


We have a lot of marketing planned which are, but not limited to:

Reaching out to multiple twitter influencers to promote us.  

Top trending on new coin discovery websites with upvotes.  

Coinsniper banners.  

Top trending on Reddit pages - cryptomoonshots for example.  

Telegram group promotion.  

Banners on various websites, such as poocoin and moonarch to increase brand visibility.  

Tiktok influencers promotion.  

Community marketing endeavours.  


2% redistribution back to holders
5% to liquidity
5% marketing wallet

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