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ExitChain is a project inspired by the entertainment industry (gaming, live cam, smart contract game, social, music, video…) using NFT & blockchain technologies which aims to offer all businesses related to the industry a safe and reliable payment solution, to guarantee safety and minimise rejections based on the nature of the business.

Our vision is a future where a large share of the market uses one unified token EXIT, for all transactions. The different sectors of the industry will create an intricate ecosystem with thousands of interconnected businesses, in which the token will be exchanged, and Token Sale value will be consistently on the rise. Our aim is for ExitChain to become the principal cryptocurrency which will largely replace fiat currencies in the multi- billion dollar Exchanges industry over the course of several years. ExitChain will serve as a solution to a prominent problem, becoming a highly used and valuable token for game, adult, mmo businesses and individuals

“Exitchain entertainment platform will become very meaningful to everyone and give them the opportunity to interact with the crypto community, using the Exit cryptocurrency to conduct borderless transactions across entertainment channels. Extremely attractive services will provided by Exitchain”

Main products and solutions:

  1. Exitcasino: solves this problem using blockchain and smart contracts technologies, decentralized application (DAPP), provides full transparency - all the accumulated tokens are consolidated on a smart contract, all transactions are stored in blockchain.
  2. ExitChat: we will build and operate NFT/Blockchain adult camsite. At large, it will function like most existing camsites. Users will be able to join public shows for free and pay in tips, or they can pay per second to get access to private and group shows.
  3. ExitPoor: is a newly established platform based on the Tron/Ethereum Network.
    Plus the Smart Contract, creating the beginning of the Blockchain Era: P2P protocol,allowing existing users to securely, accurately and efficiently execute funding.

Other solutions: Exit socials, Exit Market, Exit Dating....

Join and relax 24/7 with Exitchain!

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