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Feeless Trade is a cryptocurrency exchange startup that aims to be a competitive and respected platform for crypto trading. At Feeless, we hope to achieve a new industry standard for truly low and non-existent trading fees. The current industry standard is 0.1% fees (Applied twice upon buying and selling a crypto), but can even range to as much as 1% when using certain exchanges. We aim to cut this standard in half, as well as creating an ERC-20 tradable token (FLT) that will be used to bring our already great fees down even more. These low fees matched with an ambitious team will surely be able to bring in a large volume of loyal investors. Another feature Feeless Trade will have over other big exchanges is faster and more efficient deposits and withdrawals. While Binance takes 35 confirmations (in the case of ETH deposits) before you are able to trade and 1-24 hours to confirm your withdrawal and send out your funds - we plan to create an experience that isn’t quite as over the top. 3 Ethereum confirmations is all that is truly necessary for deposits and withdrawals should be sent instantly, with the option to edit your gas fees.
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