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French Connection Finance FCF

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Market cap$8,609,956.89
Launched On2021-08-19
Votes 17363
Today 0
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Binance Smart Chain: 0x4673f018cc6d401aad0402bdbf2abcbf43dd69f3

French Connection Finance aims to create the world's first credit card to cryptocurrency encrypted online payment gateway, which rewards it's holders with a 5% fully automated BNB reflection on all the transactions made with $FCF during the same 24 hour period.

•FCF$ have already created the world's first NFT collection security vault! Unruggable and unhackable! Legitimate NFT collection creators will host their NFT collection and renounce their ownership by locking them into the NForT through our API and secured for a lifetime!

•The team is fully doxxed and active on TG.

•FCF$ is about to releasethe first of its kind marketing platform for BSC tokens.

•FCF is developing a payment processing application that would allow any credit card holder to use cryptocurrency as a payment method while using their credit card in the same way they do it everyday! (Encrypted credit card payments on the internet!) (THE PAYPAL OF CRYPTO)

•A Secret project called FCF World Connect has been announced!that will be a game changer

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