Market Cap:$2.49T(+1.90%)
24h Volume:$115.26B
BTC Dominance:49.73%
Cryptocurrencies listed:31957
Total Airdrops:1908
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Kawakami Inu aims at building THE decentralized platform for meme token's. With the successful release of KawaFarm V1, the team has demonstrated it's commitment to building functional, usable products and platform's for all meme tokens to participate in. This was achieved with V1 allowing investors to stake a range of meme token's including: SHIB, ELON, KISHU, AKITA and last but not the least KAWA. Next on the roadmap is V2 of the KawaFarm where the team will take things to the next level with updated tokenomics and rewards for farming the Kawa de-fi offering: xKAWA. In addition, the 1st iteration of the KawaSwap (including a BSC bridge for swapping KAWA between ETH and BSC network's currently in development the team is as ambitious and dedicated to the mission as it gets. As if that weren't enough the team is currently planning its entry into the world of the "Metaverse" with an interactive platform known simply as the KawaVerse, containing much more exciting development's which will be shared with investors soon. The team is bringing a seriousness of approach to achieving their mission of creating an out of the box all-encompassing meme coin universe that brings together numerous fast growing communities which highlight the power of gamifying and enlivening finance in a way that was once simply unheard of.

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