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✅With Patent-Pending in Singapore.
✅Zero Tax per transaction.
✅No Deceiving Rewards.
✅100Billion Supply
✅Doesnt have a feature that doesn't work on a centralized exchange.
✅Real World Use Case, Long Term Project.
✅Strategic Manual Burn method.

Little Dogecoin has a unique project called Decentralized Liquidity-Based Cross-Asset Multi-Station Payment Gateway, the first only project because of its Patent application in Singapore. Find out more: https://www.littledogecoin.com

The First and Only Decentralized Liquidity-Based Cross-Asset Multi-Station Payment Gateway.

A DeFi project with a Patent Pending that aims to outrank major dedicated blockchains and payment gateways by enabling all crypto-assets across all blockchain networks to be used as payment assets
and by providing protection to Merchants against Asset Volatility with Zero Disputes with their customers.
The project uses the existing liquidity pools to convert assets used for payment into an asset desired by the merchant. Merchant can freely choose what crypto assets they want to receive as payment without bothering their customers.
The solution includes a Gateway and a Router Smart Contract that allows millions of terminals and devices to be interconnected and perform millions of transactions that are limited only by the blockchain network capacity. These smart contracts also provide a seamless upgrade of core modules without impacting a single transaction.

It also allows blockchain developers to participate in the ecosystem by providing feature-rich smart contracts that execute rewards and memberships during payment. They can also receive payments when their smart contracts are installed into the merchant's smart contracts or they may wish to receive royalty rewards in every transaction. The solution includes a Dapp store where merchants can browse the list of smart contracts they want to install into their smart contracts.
When comparing our solution with Ripple XRP and among other dedicated blockchains, we support thousands of assets and counting with existing liquidity, while they only support their own token with few users.
When comparing our solution with top payment gateways such as CryptoPay, we don't work with banks, and we support all crypto assets without asking for a single penny from the project.
Zero-Dispute is a trademark of the Little Dogecoin project.

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