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Market cap$80,619.91
Launched On2021-08-24
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Binance Smart Chain: 0x64fef0ae518727fa694d50e267017e7c4149e4c4

Ninja Panda Inu is a revolutionary token with exclusive features which will actually allow to control the dips, the whales and provide great rewards to its holders.
Our goal is to be a completely transparent token where every function is hard-coded (locked) in the contract so nobody can change any function ever!

  • Advanced Anti-Dip Token Lock system
    The Anti Dip Token Lock is created to confuse trading bots and to keep away pump and dump whales. For the first 7 days after the launch on PancakeSwap it will be possible to sell just a portion of the tokens which will gradually increase every day. Read more about it on our site.
  • High redistribution rate
    10% is automaticaly redistribuited to all of our holders on every buy and sell. The longer you hold, the more you earn !!!
  • Smallest dev wallet you will ever see
    1% to the team, 1% for marketing, 1.5% for airdrops
  • Tax 5% for BuyBack / Marketing / Charity
    2.5% for BuyBack - 2% marketing - 0.5 Charity
  • Locked Liquidity
    Entire liquidity is locked for 99 years
  • Total Suply
    100 000 000 000 NPI

Invest in an innovative, new and unique token, and let's get some bamboo plant to this beautiful endangered animal, THE PANDA.

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