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Launched On2021-06-03
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Binance Smart Chain: 0x84da5db786ae7da0e02f43c526f6ee3574d112a1

Although we already know that pinball is simple to understand, and super fun to play, do you know that you can make a good profit just playing this game? That is why we are here. Our vision is to make the game profitable and rewarding for all players around the world. The PinballMoon Project is here and ready to give good value for your entertainment. We are completely motivated to turn your pleasure into profit and to make your lovely game into gains for you.

This beautiful project starts with the creation of a fair community-driven token called $PIN token. The $PIN token is a community-based, high-yielding RFI tokenomic model contract, based on the Binance Smart Chain. As you play the game and score your points, you will be offered $PIN coins for the total points you get which can be withdrawn into your wallet as tokens. It is a new era for everyone who loves or is interested in Pinball. Entrepreneurs, youths, and old, it’s time to use the flippers, shoot, survive as long as you can, have fun and make gains. This game will develop your intuition, eye-hand coordination, comparison skills and also reward you for your time. It is time to have fun!

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