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Introduction On July 14th 2021, we stealth launched the Quadrillion project. Why are we the Quadrillion? We have enough supply to provide all creatures. We cover not only the Earth but the universe. We are small now. We will become big. We are not growing rapidly. We are slowly growing. But we don’t stop. We are here to make a new generation. Problems Targeted Nowadays, the crypto market is expanding very fast. In 2020 and 2021, more and more people started investing in crypto projects including Defi, NFTs, Decentralized Games and popular meme projects like DOGE, SHIB. And while this presents new opportunities, it also brings challenges. For example, the biggest social networks like Twitter, Tiktok, Reddit where most of the crypto influencers spread crypto news to the world and where most of the new crypto newbies join are spreading NOT SAFE projects and making people lose money. And these are centralized social platforms. Recently Tiktok updated their privacy policy to prevent people losing their money because of flooded crypto news. Who knows Twitter will ban crypto?! We need a solution for this. Decentralization is the solution. Blockchain is decentralized, transparent and secure. This allows scammers to make rug pulls and steal money. We need to educate new people and help them to invest in safe projects. We need a more decentralized social network where people can learn crypto, expand their investment portfolio safely and fight against scams. Our Vision We, a community owned project, Quadrillion helps people educated, trained and invest in profitable projects with minimum risks. Our community is big, we include techies, influencers, writers, traders, security auditors. We predict markets, we give feedback to projects. When we have our strong community, well-educated army, none of the scammers can rug us. They will finish their job. QQ will be a collective, light-web, decentralized community owned project. Let’s drive QQ. Core Products qqSwap (in progress) What is qqSwap? qqSwap is one of our main products where people can safely trade their crypto and make the best results across the DEX platforms including Uniswap, SushiSwap and so on. qqGallery qqGallery is another decentralized product where people can upload different memes from different projects. Nowadays the meme coin market is exploding and almost a hundred projects are launching everyday. They are creating different memes and it's unstoppable. qqGallery will save all memes on IPFS(InterPlanetary File System) and help other meme projects grow up. qqNFT qqNFT is a community fan program and we will mint very limited editions with utilities across our products. NFTs include heroes, weapons, planets so it can support our project's future development like Decentralized Game. qqWiki qqWiki is an educational platform where writers and techies can publish articles from common knowledge about crypto to advanced technologies including smart contract programming and more. It is the place where people can become from a newbie to professional trader, from a student to blockchain developer. qqNetwork qqNetwork is our biggest product. Here we are introducing the first decentralized social network running by our community members. qqNetwork doesn’t have a centralized server. It is using IPFS technology. What is a decentralized social network? Instead of a single central service that all people use, there are multiple services that any number of people can use. Grade of centralization Examples Centralized Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Federated Email, XMPP, phone networks, physical mail Distributed BitTorrent, IPFS, Scuttlebutt qqNetwork can operate alone. Just like a traditional social network, people sign up on it, post messages, upload pictures and talk to each other. Unlike a traditional social network, qqNetwork can interoperate, letting their users communicate with each other; just like you can send an email from your Gmail account to someone from Outlook, Fastmail, Protonmail, or any other email provider, as long as you know their email address, you can mention or message anyone on any website using their address. From left to right: Centralized, Federated, Distributed To avoid spamming people, we set rules which will work like smart contracts on Ethereum networks. That will control the network and stop flooding news, using bots to make their networks bigger with AI controlled algorithms. We built the “QQ EVM blockchain” to support the tipping system in our qqNetwork. qqPortfolio (in progress) qqPortfolio is a platform where people can register their accounts and share their portfolios. This will be the first transparent platform by utilizing Zerion(https://zerio.io) APIs and other CEX platform’s APIs. This way, people can learn skilled investors’ strategies and how to manage their portfolios. Conclusion The Quadrillion project started with no funding. We are developers who love to contribute to open-source projects and importantly want to help people losing their money from storms nowadays. Could these ideas really work? Now, while we do stay around and make it this mission to the moon and protect crypto from scammers and leeches, the volunteer developers decided to donate liquidity for project start and are building products. Already making amazing progress. This is the beginning of QQ. We were worried about the stealth launch because token distribution was centralized by some whales but now it looks better. We are open to receive development funds from the community. Again we love to contribute open-source projects so most of our work will be free. Utility of the $QQ token is wild. It will be used as fuel in our surprising product, fee for advertising on our products, tips in our qqNetwork. We would like to say thank you to each and every one who is contributing to our project. Even if it is small, it will be one more step for the QQ. It’s up to us.

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