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What is Reefer Token (REEFER)?

REEFER Token is Setting a New Industry Standard on how Legal Dispensaries, Smoke Shops, Vape Shops, Cannabis Lounges, Restaurants, and Gamers Interact. Cannabis, Crypto, NFTs & Metaverse Combined to Birth the REEFER Ecosystem Revolution!

What is the utility of Reefer Token?

Shop Integrations: The platform helps Dispensaries, Smoke Shops, Vape Shops, Cannabis Lounges, and Restaurants to accept the easy form of payments. Customers will go through the digital Point Of Sale System.
Cannabis Meets DeFi: Decentralized finance, or DeFi, uses emerging technology to remove third parties in financial transactions. To hold money in a secure digital wallet instead of keeping it in a bank or cash and Transfer Funds in Seconds while Protecting the Identity!
Rewards System: Customers get Rewarded for Loyalty & Reefering (see what I did here) others with a Loyalty Rewards and Incentive Program by receiving discounts & Free Products at their favorite shop. This will result in Shop's Increased Customer Retention and Strengthening Customer Affinity.

What makes Reefer Token unique?

REEFER Token will offer a convenient way to use blockchain records to be transferred from the farmer and processors to the consumer without violating cannabis laws and regulations. When the consumer purchases cannabis from one of our Partner Dispensaries or Vendors the product will be displayed with a QR code. The customer will scan the code and obtain the following product facts along with an NFT to authenticate it!

Who are the founders of Reefer Token?

The team members are currently not doxed. Although, the project and it's members have been KYC'ed via third party services.

What are the future plans for Reefer Token?

Weed Wars: Players Compete to Earn Weed Legally Or Illegally! A play2earn game.
Multiple NFTs Collections: It will be launched soon which will give exclusive access to the next collections, dividend paying, from growing to retail, & for use in PTE game WEED WARS!

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