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Market cap$3570.65
Launched On2021-05-23
Votes 1345
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Binance Smart Chain: 0xC24bF9808617Db1C9F7Ba4B43bDBEd5875Ddc7c7

SpacePath is an NFT Platform designed to incorporate social and artistic aspects into a marketplace setting. The SpacePath Marketplace will set a new industry standard by having zero platform fees!

SpacePath tools include:

  • 2.5% of every transaction on SpacePath’s marketplace will be directly inserted into the liquidity pool
  • SpacePath RFI static rewards ensure long-term token holders are rewarded .
  • SpacePath’s Automatic LP function helps maintain liquidity pool size to ensure seamless transactions, for both buyers and sellers

SpacePath is available for trading on multiple platforms with multiple trading pairs. You can currently purchase SpacePath with BNB through the PancakeSwap liquidity pool, or with ADA/BNB on Dex-Trade. More options will be available shortly.

SpacePath token combines holder reward functions with marketplace implementation.

SpacePath’s platform transaction implementation will allow it to generate value from multiple sources. Having the token gain value from both platform transactions and investors will allow for steadier growth.

The token itself will also have utility on the marketplace. SpacePath tokens will give users the ability to purchase NFT’s minted by SpacePath corporation.

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