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Market cap$2670.41
Launched On2021-07-28
Votes 1191
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Binance Smart Chain: 0xf978536a3bcbd664f3af51b273c6ec11429abbbf

Tokyo Doge is a celebration token. It’s purpose is to merge the excitement and prestige of the Olympic Games with the fun fast passed world of Binance Smart Chain. We want to create a much more exciting experience for investors in the spirit of the games. To do this we’ve prepared a party style environment in our telegram including 24hr live stream and live DJ sets. But no only that! We are planning to give away the biggest prize purse in recent crypto history! A huge 10% tax on each transaction will be collected and used to provide huge gold medal prizes for our community of investors. And there’s more! 3% variable rewards to all holders will automatically sent Doge Coin to your wallet for just holding. We not holding back, we want every night to be rocking, music, live Olympics, spin the wheel giveaways, and for people to win a ton of prizes. We are fully committed to giving away atleast 1 gold wrapped Tesla, a Rolex watch, dream holidays, huge tech bundles, cash prizes and much more.

LP is locked for 13 months on DxSale( No dev wallets.

*Tokenomics: 4% LP / 3% DogeCoin Rewards / 10% Champions Purse

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