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Market cap$102,265.04
Launched On2021-05-28
Votes 3304
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Binance Smart Chain: 0xAbc69f2025bDb12efcdB8fd048d240fFf943ca82

Vanity ($VNY) Token ~ The Revolution of Custom Wallet Addresses

$VNY is the first token ever released on any blockchain to provide Custom Wallet Addresses for BTC, ETH, BSC, LTC and DOGE.

A Vanity Address is a customisable non-proxy address that is visible in chain explorers. Supporting different Blockchains, $VNY can generate Vanity Wallet Addresses of different styles.

$VNY aims to be the distribution leader of their product for companies accepting Cryptos, Miners interested in sorting their Rigs Incomes, Holders that wants to instantly recognize their wallet from a multitude of others, People looking to show off their customised wallet, Users feeling safer to send cryptos to an address they recognise, and many more.

The $VNY Product is fully secure, meaning no one else other than the requester of the address will be able to obtain the Private Key needed to generate the Vanity Wallet Address. The $VNY Team, utilising the Public Key of the customer, will output a string of code called Partial Private Key generated using High GPUs Computing Power, which is correlated to the Vanity Address Requested. Once the customer receives the string, he or she will merge it with the original Private Key using a $VNY offline tool provided by the team, creating the new keys for the new Vanity Wallet Address.

The Project is fully Audited by Solidity.Finance.

$VNY Token also has frictionless Fee Redistribution and Liquidity Deposit, as well as Deflationary Functions with every transaction, dropping the Total Circulating Supply down and raising the value of the token itself.

A Marketplace for buying, selling and trading is under development, which will utilise only $VNY as a currency. The Litepaper and Roadmap of the Project explains many steps that the $VNY will go through in the coming months.

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