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Market cap$8286.8
Launched On2021-05-17
Votes 920
Today 0
down arrow-2.75%
Binance Smart Chain: 0x099d065a79142faf07990af94e57954aa134494b

WifeCoin is a deflationary reflect token seeking to redefine the relationship you have with your crypto. With an all-star team and positively engaged community, the organically grown environment surrounding WifeCoin incentivizes the idea of long-term holding. The marketing connections of WifeCoin are rivaled only by top tier tokens on the market today. WifeCoin has an interconnected web of personal connections throughout the music and film industry, as well as connections to the top influencers of the cryptosphere.

The utility of WifeCoin comes in the form of currently in-progress platforms such as WifeSwap and WifeTracker. WifeSwap, when fully upgraded, will include swapping, staking, and yield farming capabilities. WifeTracker will be an advanced token tracking platform that will have a competitive edge against all other Binance Smart Chain centric tracking applications. The collective minds of WifeCoin are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to integrate WifeCoin into the daily lives of individuals and increase the utility of the token.

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