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Published April 23, 20229 min read

10 Best DApps to Make Money In 2022

CoinMooner Team

DeFi has become a popular alternative to traditional banks, brokers, exchanges, virtual wallets, and other financial instruments in the blink of an eye. However, users can become overwhelmed by the amount of information available, and making the right choice for their needs can be very difficult. In our guide, you will find useful information on this topic, including a list of the best dApps to earn money.

How to Determine the Best DApps to Make Money

When choosing the best platform to make a profit, it is important to pay attention to features such as the type and number of solutions offered, the stability and development of the platform, and user feedback. So let's take a closer look at each of these aspects.

There are several types of blockchain platforms, each of them serving specific purposes. Here are four main types to be familiar with:

  • Public. Such platforms are open to all users and accessible without any decentralized control.
  • Private. These platforms are often referred to as “permissioned” blockchains. This is because they are managed by a trusted intermediary and can be accessed by individual users.
  • Hybrid. This type combines components of the two previous blockchains, which simultaneously allows for access control and the freedom of users.
  • Consortium. It bears the features of hybrid platforms, but while a single company runs a hybrid blockchain, a consortium can have multiple organizations behind it.
  • Most often, public DApps are used for cryptocurrency transactions and document verification. Private blockchains are suitable for supply chains and asset ownership. Hybrid systems are being developed for medical records and real estate. The consortium type can be used to build DApps for banking, research, and supply chains.

    What Is DApp?


    Platforms used to create and run decentralized applications are called DApps. In general, these are computer applications maintained and stored on a distributed blockchain network of computer nodes, as opposed to traditional applications stored on a single server. Basically, the best DApps to make money are built on Ethereum. It is the most common platform at the moment, although there are other options.

    List of 10 Best DApps to Earn Money

    There is a fairly wide range of DApps available today. They have certain distinctive features and advantages because they are created to solve specific problems. Let's look at the most popular platforms to date.

    Bounties Network

    The Bounties Network allows users to self-organize based on their needs, from freelancing to social activities and everything in between. Whether it's research, content translation, or video production, Bounties Network allows you to create projects, collaborate, and get paid for great work performed in any field.

    The customer just needs to install MetaMask, go to the service, create a new task, and fill in the required fields. The platform supports all types of campaigns, including bug bounty hunting. Bounty hunters are paid in the form of Ether or ERC-20 tokens.


    Aave is the next pick from the best DApps to make money in 2022. This Finnish word means "ghost," reflecting the founders’ commitment to building a transparent and open infrastructure for decentralized finance. It is an app that allows users to lend and borrow a range of cryptocurrencies using both variable and fixed interest rates.

    Using Aave, people can lend and borrow cryptocurrencies in a decentralized manner, which means there is no central authority running the platform. Instead, smart contracts govern actions taken by users and enforce rules through self-executing code when certain conditions are met.

    EOS Dynasty

    The EOS Dynasty game is one of the most popular amusements in the entire blockchain market. Indeed, it is a DApp with the largest share of users on the market, including in the Game category. In the last seven days, 5,677 users were handling $47,546. At the same time, they made 669,164 EOS transactions while playing on this platform. It is the first blockchain RPG and PvP game where, as they explain on their official website, players can easily improve their characters by using and collecting in-game items. Besides, they can receive a Three Kingdoms Token (TKT) to enjoy a wide range of dividends. The TKT digital asset can also be exchanged on the market for other goods and services based on smart contracts.


    Augur is a prediction marketplace that allows its members to buy and sell event outcomes. The platform is ideal for fortune-tellers and people who know how to make correct predictions. For example, you can predict the winner of future elections, the next reality show contestant, or even the price of ETH by the end of the next year. Earnings are paid out in Ethereum (ETH), depending on the amount of ETH placed in the event, multiplied by the probability of a successful outcome. If the event does not take place, you will lose your bet.


    RocketGame is a TRON-based decentralized gambling application with a large variety of games and dividends paid for staking their own tokens. The games available on the platform are provably fair since all the transactions are carried out using smart contracts, ensuring fairness.

    Currently, this platform is one of the most popular gambling decentralized applications, so you won’t be surprised to see it among the best DApps to make money. In addition, it supports TronLink, a TRON wallet available as a browser extension for Chrome and Android and iOS.


    Ethlance is a cryptocurrency version of Upwork, a successful freelance recruitment site. The main difference is that Ethlance takes a 0% fee on all contracts. The platform allows anyone to use its system with no restrictions on employment history, age, number of jobs, or entry fees. You have to pay the Ethereum fee attached to each operation (posting a job and finding a job).

    Although this site does not have a wide variety of jobs, vacancies and offers are posted quite often. Most of the jobs are related, of course, to the IT sector.



    OpenSea is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Since 2017, the NFT environment has developed rapidly, and NFTs are now more commonly used to represent audio, video, and images. Its digitally owned properties are well suited for creating and selling digital art, collectibles, game items, and event tickets, with more sophisticated applications coming in the future.

    All types of NFTs can be bought and sold on OpenSea. Think of it as eBay designed for digital art and collectibles. What sets OpenSea apart from its main competitors - NiftyGateway and Superrare - is simplicity. An ordinary user can easily create an NFT for sale and earn money with this best DApp for artists. This proved to be the key factor in user acceptance.

    888 Tron

    888Tron is one of the gaming applications on the Tron network. It features innovative technology built around a very good revenue-sharing model. The 888Tron platform allows users to play exciting games, mine cryptocurrency, and add it to a liquidity pool for a reward.

    Investors who own 888Tron tokens automatically become part of the company, as they are eligible to receive dividends. The profits are paid out in TRX and distributed according to a transparent model developed by the platform.


    This search engine is based on the principle of a decentralized storage network. The InterPlanetary File System is an innovative hypermedia distribution protocol poised to replace HTTP and create the next generation of the Internet, Web3.0, as the underlying infrastructure. IPSE aims to provide secure and fast search services and work as a traffic portal for Web3.0.

    IPSE users are welcome to store their information on the decentralized storage network and quickly search for data. In addition, each user can share information and storage space on the network to be rewarded in the form of tokens.



    Gitcoin is a funding platform for developers looking for meaningful open-source work. The founders of Gitcoin pioneered Quadratic Funding, a new, democratic way to fund public goods in their quarterly Gitcoin Grants rounds.

    Since its launch in November 2017, Gitcoin Grants has provided nearly $16 million in funding for public goods, not to mention a $3.54 million bounty paid out to open-source developers worldwide.

    How to Find a Good Project

    The best DApps to make money can be selected based on factors such as programming language, functionality, scalability, performance, transparency, and others. Picking several platforms that meet your main requirements and comparing them with each other will help you choose the ideal solution. The choice of the DApps is quite large, and all of them have certain specifics, giving you plenty of opportunities to find something you are keen on. At the same time, DApps have many advantages over traditional apps, for example, tighter security, better transparency, higher speed of transactions, lower costs, and more.

    Pros and Cons of DApps to Make Money

    Although decentralization offers various benefits over apps running on a centralized network, the potential of DApps is still limited by some of their drawbacks.

    The best DApps to earn money have several interesting aspects, so let’s check them.

  • Censorship-resistant. Since decentralized apps have no single point of failure, it is very difficult for governments or powerful individuals to take control of the network.
  • No downtime. Using a peer-to-peer system ensures that DApps continue to work even if individual computers or parts of the network fail.
  • Blockchain-based. As these projects work on smart contracts, they can easily integrate cryptocurrencies into the core features.
  • Open-source. This encourages the broad-scale development of the DApp ecosystem, allowing developers to create better applications with more useful and interesting features.
  • While the best DApps to earn money promise to fix many of the key problems, they do have their downsides.

  • Hacks. Since many decentralized applications run on open-source smart contracts, this gives hackers a rare opportunity to probe the networks looking for weaknesses. And detected vulnerabilities have already led to many popular DApps being hacked.
  • Poor usability. Many DApps have a poor user interface, which puts many users off. But we believe it will improve over time.
  • A small number of users. Like with many applications in Web 2.0, the more users a DApp has, the more efficiently the network works. This is often referred to as the network effect. It can also make DApps less secure, as their security typically depends on the number of users.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is It Worth Looking for Best DApps to Make Money?

    It’s absolutely advisable to pay attention to this area and read reviews and tutorials from professionals and experienced users because there are already thousands of DApps offering a variety of services, be it gaming, betting, exchanging money, or raising your own digital cats.

    How to Find the Best DApps to Earn Money?

    Users looking for the best DApps to make money can check reviews from experts, read step-by-step guides from reliable sources, and follow special forums because there are about 3,000 applications hosted on the Ethereum, EOS, and TRON blockchains.

    What Are the Pros and Cons of DApps to Make Money?

    DApps have distinct advantages over regular apps, such as no downtime, users’ full control over their funds, and ultra-low transaction fees. However, on the downside, DApps can be very expensive to develop, and they tend to suffer from a lack of user-friendliness.

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