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Published April 24, 20225 min read

How to Make Money with DApps In 2022

CoinMooner Team

With this guide, you will be able to choose your own method of earning additional funds. In some cases, the amount can be quite impressive. So, how do DApps make money?

How Do DApps Make Money: Introducing

It is quite easy to make money with DApps for all participants of the DeFi market, from developers and promoters to investors and regular users. Learn how it can be done.

What Is DApp?

Applications functioning on a P2P network are called decentralized apps or DApps. They help to conduct highly efficient transactions that do not demand any intermediaries and governance by centralized bodies. DApp works according to the following logic:

  • Transactions are recorded in an open-source blockchain.
  • Tokens are generated in accordance with PoW or PoS algorithms inside the blockchain.
  • Validators and other active members of the blockchain community are rewarded with tokens.
  • Benefits of the Technology

  • An important advantage of DApps is the possibility of stable operation due to a large number of servers participating in the network. And as long as it has at least one working server, the applications will function without failures.
  • Since DApps use open-source code that can be viewed at any time, these applications are more transparent.
  • The anonymity of participants and the inability to collect their personal data attract many users.
  • The democratic nature of the applications is based on the fact that the entire community is involved in decision-making regarding the rules of their operation. Therefore, no developers, state, or third party will be able to do this alone.
  • Why DApps Projects Are Profitable

    App builders and investors alike wonder how to make money with DApps. Answering this question will give them a lot of legal ways of receiving income.

    For Creators

    Ethereum clearly demonstrates the benefits of using decentralized applications for creators:

  • Ethereum has become the basis for more than a thousand applications. For a moment, it is the leader in the field of DApps.
  • It provides everyone with the opportunity to create their own smart contracts and derivative DApps.
  • Any developer can implement a unique application design that regulates interaction in various areas of social life.
  • Developers can define a format of transactions and rules for owning tokens and solve many important issues of interaction between network participants.
  • For Investors

    How do DApps make money for investors?

  • DApps based on smart contracts has huge opportunities for application in all types of business.
  • Smart contracts allow users to go beyond financially oriented applications and use them to regulate all kinds of social and business interactions. For example, they can control the transportation of goods.
  • DApps facilitate auctions and make them transparent and fraud-proof through smart contracts.
  • The prospects for the development of metaverses and DApps associated with their growth are pushing investors to pump money into these projects in anticipation of huge profits.
  • How to Make Money with DApps

    Can you make money with DApps? To monetize your time and effort spent on working with decentralized applications, discover how others manage to thrive on them.


    Token Launch

    Creating a new application may be accompanied by:

  • a crowd sale, in the course of which funds for further promotion of the project are gathered;
  • the launch of a token that will circulate within the project and can be sold profitably or used for receiving passive income, for example, through liquidity pools.
  • Transaction Fees

    Users can directly transfer cryptocurrencies within a DApp without involving a fiat payment operator. This saves a significant amount of their funds, which would have gone to pay multiple fees. Instead, transaction fees may go to the DApp providers or the community. Each application has its own transaction fee policy, although some of them generally announce the absence of fees as their advantage.


    Due to the rise of DApps, businesses choose to get in touch with their target audience via the most popular applications. The providers are earning huge money by offering their applications as platforms for advertisement.


    Providers can adjust their application to participate in raising money for any important social initiatives. How do DApps make money in this case? The developers add a "Donate" button to the application interface and redirect the money to volunteer groups involved in a particular project.

    Digital Goods (NFT)

    Crypto games reveal another tip on how to make money with DApps. Their advantage is that players can own their virtual assets or NFTs, which means they can be sold and exchanged. This is fundamentally different from traditional computer games where all characters are owned by providers. Thanks to DApps with built-in marketplaces, GameFi players can easily buy and sell their NFT assets on these platforms.

    Referral Marketing

    Are DApps making money with affiliate programs? Referral marketing allows webmasters to earn on the promotion of goods by placing links to the advertiser's website on their resources. Therefore, DApp developers and providers, having access to a huge target audience, can gain additional profit.

    Paid Subscription

    Advanced features of DApps can be provided through the subscription model. Developers can establish a free trial period and then charge additional fees. If a user doesn’t want to pay for them, they can continue using the DApp but in a more reduced version.

    Paid Premium Membership

    DApps can set several levels of use:

  • The basic level will be free for everyone.
  • Users will have to pay for more advanced features.
  • For example, such a formula is used in many crypto games. Everyone can start playing for free, but if a player wants to improve a character or get additional weapons, they will have to pay for that.

    Risks of Using Decentralized Apps

    Working with DeFi applications, users have to go through the authorization of their wallets. It is necessary in order for smart contracts to gain access to the assets. If a smart contract is compromised, the users face the risk of losing their funds.

    How Will DApps Make Money in the Future?

    Can DApps make money in the future?

  • There is a consensus that the main area of DApps development is related to metaverses.
  • The development of Web 3.0 will significantly increase the role of DApps.
  • The spread of DeFi increases the demand for financial DApps and their tokens.
  • The extreme popularity of crypto games is pushing the creation of new DApps.
  • Conclusion

    With the growth of DApps’ popularity, they offer more and more opportunities to earn. How do DApps make money to enrich their creators and investors? We have listed the most widespread ways of deriving income from this rapidly developing area, but new possibilities are sure to come in the nearest future.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do DApps Make Money?

    DApps make money by providing users with the functionality they are ready to pay for.

    How to Make Money with DApps If You Are a Developer?

    They can benefit from advertising, launching new tokens, creating NFTs, and using other tips on how to make money with DApps.

    Can You Make Money with DApps in the Future?

    DApps will generate a lot more money in the future as distributed ledger technologies become more and more popular.

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