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Published November 13, 20223 min read

Wondering why the price of bitcoin varies in various countries? If so, here is why the bitcoin prices differ from country to country, depending on exchange platforms.


As bitcoin gains popularity and its price rises, many factors influence its value. Bitcoin price remains as volatile as a gallon of oil near a fire, but there are many factors to consider when determining why bitcoin price varies by country.

Is There a Set Price?

Because there is no standard for a single bitcoin, people frequently ask, "Why does the price difference in so many countries?" People ask, "Why is the price of bitcoin sometimes different on different exchanges?" That's because the number of people trading on various bitcoin platforms or marketplaces varies. Here is why:

Some Individuals Are More Demanding than Others.

When trading bitcoin, volume can be higher on more extensive exchanges but much lower on smaller crypto exchanges. On these platforms, it all comes down to supply and demand. Also, how much people are willing to pay to sell it and how much they are eager to buy it.

Bitcoin prices can vary depending on each exchange platform's buying and selling guidelines. Some peer-to-peer platforms allow for different buyers and sellers with varying values.

If the supply is more than the demand, the bitcoin price falls. And this means that the number of users who want to sell (collection) outnumbers those who want to buy (market), resulting in a decrease in value.

Second, if the demand exceeds the supply, the price of bitcoin will rise. And this means that the number of users who want to buy bitcoins (market) is more significant than those who want to sell bitcoins (supply), causing the price in that area to rise. Bitcoin 360 ai is one of the streamlined sites where you can easily trade, buy and sell Bitcoin.

Some People Prefer to Move It

Many users transfer money between exchanges. To avoid inefficiency and collateral damage, this will necessitate extensive industry knowledge.

Consider the Following Scenario:

Assume your bitcoin is trading at different prices on various exchanges. Isn't there more money that people can make in this setup with 1 BTC trading at 106,000 ZAR on Platform A and 116,000 ZAR on Platform B? Maybe you should buy on Exchange B and sell on Exchange A?

Arbitrage is the name given to this process. Users will buy and sell bitcoin as the price rises in one exchange versus another to profit from the difference.

It May Appear Simple

Those considering exchanging from platform to platform should be aware of additional factors and what make this process risky. It's worth noting that sending digital currency is not entirely free. People incur transaction fees for minimum and maximum amounts when sending crypto from wallet to wallet. Also, delays and the risk of price volatility are worth considering.

Arbitrage trading is dangerous, expensive, and time-consuming. Some people still do it, but others may think it's not worth their time.


There is no standard method for valuing bitcoin. Its decentralized nature makes defining its "supposed" cost difficult.

It does not link to the US dollar, the South African rand, or fiat currency. Bitcoin has no standard pricing and relies heavily on supply and demand depending on the platform and market at the time, causing its price to fluctuate.

So, before you start trading, think about these factors. Knowing which techniques work best for you will take trial and error. There will undoubtedly be a learning curve, but it will be well worth it.

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