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Published April 26, 20227 min read

Crypto Earning Games

CoinMooner Team

Gamification of decentralized finances creates the ideal breeding ground for the development of crypto games that allow players to earn decent money. Don’t miss the trend!

What Are Crypto Games?

They are computer games that rely on blockchain technology to allow for the use of cryptocurrency, and non-fungible tokens gamesters can gain while playing. The sudden triumph of blockchain games has created new perspectives for earnings in the DeFi market. If you like both crypto and gaming, take a chance to explore GameFi closely.

How Do They Work?

The Covid-19 pandemic has made tectonic shifts in public life. In particular, it has dramatically accelerated the digitalization of all areas, including finance. Crypto games have emerged at the intersection of digital financial platforms and the gaming industry. The result was a decentralized gaming economy that continued its explosive growth in 2021 and 2022.

Blockchain games have numerous advantages in comparison with pre-existing computer games:

  • A player can earn cryptocurrency on decentralized platforms while gaming. Developers determine which crypto will serve as a means of payment. It can be a special in-game currency, which can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies or resold on different platforms later.
  • The player owns the assets received during the game and can make purchases in the GameFi market with this conditional currency.
  • The assets can be withdrawn to fiat accounts. To do this, players must use crypto exchanges that allow trading in fiat currencies.
  • The assets can be also transferred to other games if they are compatible.
  • Who Can Play?

    Many games include several levels, so anyone can start playing them. As the gaming experience accumulates, in-game characters develop and improve, which means that their prices rise. Rare artifacts earned in the most popular games have the highest value.

    Types of Games That Pay Crypto

    Regardless of whether you have initial capital, you can enjoy playing crypto games. You will surely earn funds in the process of developing your in-game assets!

    Play to Earn Games

    The ability to monetize gaming experience within blockchain projects is called GameFi (Game + Finance). The main objective of users is to develop their characters in the course of a game. The gamers buy items necessary for gaming as well as skills for the characters. Thus, they invest funds in the development of games with cryptocurrency earnings and contribute their time and effort to the improvement of the virtual world.

    You might wonder where earnings come from if the players invest their savings in the purchase of characters and items. The answer is simple: they will receive rewards for defeating other participants, taking certain actions, and fulfilling specific conditions. These rewards are their actual profits.

    Games for Players

    Earnings in this type of blockchain game can be obtained by collecting valuable assets in the form of NFTs. The acquired assets have a monetary value and can be easily sold or exchanged. These tradable in-game assets usually include:

  • characters
  • skins
  • cards
  • means of transport
  • weapon and other items
  • Free to Play Games

    Unlike the previous types, these F2P cryptocurrency games are completely free to play. The player does not need any investment to start developing his or her character. However, the player will have to pay in order to get some benefits, such as additional skills for the characters.

    Top 5 Blockchain Games

    Thanks to the decentralized nature of crypto games, the giants of the gaming industry have not monopolized them yet. This determines the diversity and independence of the proposed projects.

    Axie Infinity

    If you want to earn crypto by developing a farm that grows monsters, welcome to the Axie Infinity game. Later, you can use them in battles, hoping to win, as well as sell them on different marketplaces. As for the cost of the characters, a minimum set of three monsters costs around $700-1000. The audience of the game is 2-3 million players a day.



    This online role-playing game is also for those who like to defeat enemies in war simulation. Weapons are made, and characters are improved with the in-game SKILL token. The amount of the player's reward is determined by the power of the weapon obtained. This is an example of browser crypto gaming, meaning that you don’t need to download any software, and the game can be accessed on the developer's website via a browser. Since CryptoBlades's smart contracts use the Binance network, the player must have some BNB to pay transaction fees.


    In this game, Momo characters will farm earnings for you. They will collect passive income by working in their mines. The player has a choice — either to make an initial investment and buy a certain number of characters or to start the game for free. In the second case, advancing in the game requires bonuses earned during tournaments.

    Zoo Crypto

    The Binance network is also used in Zoo Crypto. However, what sets this title apart is that its characters and artifacts are affordable even for beginners. Here you can upgrade your characters and fight in PvP mode. Players generate their income with in-game ZOO tokens.


    The fantasy metaverse Edensol and the decentralized messenger Secretum have reached an agreement and united on the Solana blockchain to create highly artistic, profitable, and secure crypto games. NFT assets collected by players can be safely and quickly traded on a P2P basis through the Secretum decentralized application.

    How to Start Earn Money

    To start playing blockchain games on any device, you need to take the following steps:

  • Create a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Buy tokens of those blockchains that serve as a basis for chosen games. This will allow you to take part in making decisions regarding the life of the project.
  • After the initial capital is created, you can buy characters you like.
  • Rewards will be transferred to your balance for some actions or wins over enemies.
  • The amount of reward depends on the time and effort that the player invests in crypto gaming.
  • Are They Safe to Play?

    One of the advantages of cryptocurrency games is that you can easily withdraw your NFT assets and connect crypto wallets to them without any regulatory restrictions. And this is the essential benefit of DeFi. But it must be noted that these games come with the same threats as the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem:

  • risks of hacking
  • fraud at all levels
  • At the same time, developers are actively working with the latest technologies to create a reliable and safe environment for blockchain games. The software they provide for GameFi projects takes into account all the weaknesses and mistakes made in the previous versions of games.

    The Future of Crypto Gaming

    The heyday of crypto gaming came in 2021. The sharp rise in interest that accompanied its development points to the brilliant prospects of GameFi. Thanks to the use of NFT objects, it became possible to make profitable investments in anticipation of an increase in their price. Investors can earn tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars by reselling these tokens. And because investors have seen opportunities for significant returns, they are now making serious investments in existing and upcoming GameFi projects.

    Mobile Crypto Games

    One of the advantages of play to earn crypto games is that they do not require expensive computer equipment to process all the necessary information. You can play them even on old computers, smartphones, or tablets. The mobile-friendliness only expands the number of participants who can join the game. Since mobile phones are replacing computers everywhere, blockchain game developers are actively releasing new solutions compatible with mobile devices. And if you own multiple phones, your opportunities to earn crypto in P2E games increase.

    Summing Up

    The economic phenomenon of GameFi arose as a result of the synthesis of blockchain games, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. Promising huge profits in the near future, they attract both investors and players. Anyone can start playing them even without initial capital. By devoting enough time and effort to the development of characters, players can earn a significant amount of crypto or in-game tokens.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Earn Crypto Playing Games?

    Yes, you can certainly earn crypto or in-game tokens in the process of crypto gaming. Later, you can exchange or sell the earned tokens for different kinds of cryptocurrency.

    How to Play Games to Earn Crypto?

    You need to develop characters in a P2E game and try to win battles or perform other tasks. In the process, various rewards are paid for certain actions determined by the game developers and the gaming community.

    Can I Play Games for Crypto on Mobile?

    You can easily play cryptocurrency-earning games on any device, including mobile. They do not demand expensive or powerful equipment.

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