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EroVerse talks About their Promising Future

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On this interview we are talking to Troglomike, business developer from the EroVerse team. We cover the story of how EroVerse started and what exciting things are in store for the project.

PENGUIN: Could you please introduce yourself and describe your position in Eroverse?

TROGLOMIKE: Good afternoon, I'm Troglomike, and I'm currently a business developer on the Eroverse team, recently promoted on August 12th. Previously, I was hired as a moderator for Eroverse's Discord in March. And, during the cruel summer of 2022, I stepped up and filled the role of Developer Relations, where I researched and contacted adult game developers willing to try out our platform and our way of conducting business.

PENGUIN: Oh wow, congratulations on your promotion! Did you experience any difficulties researching and contacting the adult game industry?

TROGLOMIKE: Thank you, and yes, there is definitely difficulty landing game developers to experience Eroverse. Because crypto is very uncertain to the general public, and because so many adult or "porn coins" fail to deliver, many artists and developers have adopted an anti-crypto bias. And some of our more negative responses mention this insecurity very clearly.

PENGUIN: Well I'm glad projects like yours are spreading the good name of crypto, that's what we all need! Let's talk a little bit about your team. How big is the team and who is responsible for what?

TROGLOMIKE: Roman Gonzalez is our CEO, Sim is our Communications Expert, and Bingo and I are business developers. Sim has written a majority of Eroverse's articles on Medium. Bingo and I are responsible for engineering Eroverse's destiny. Roman handles most of the technical aspects.

PENGUIN: I see! Your articles are really good I must say. How would you describe your project for a person that just found out about you? What's it about?

TROGLOMIKE: If the person in question is oblivious to cryptocurrency, I do my best purple dinosaur costume and gently sing to them that we are basically an adult game arcade, where you swap fiat or $BNB for $ERO tokens, and then use these tokens to purchase adult game titles (and soon, NFTs!), in which the player may be able to earn $BNB token by playing through the purchased game and triggering "achievements'' along the way. The rewards received are dependent on volume and provided for by an 8% transaction tax on every transfer. We're basically like Xbox, but there's definitely nothing micro, nor soft about Eroverse.

PENGUIN: Perfect! If I wouldn't know about you guys, I would after this answer. What do you think makes Eroverse unique in comparison to other adult crypto tokens?

TROGLOMIKE: Simply put, we have a fully-functioning and repeatable service product which empowers creator and player alike. Powered by community, Eroverse provides the stage for our rock stars (game developers), and a world renown place for all their fans to rock out with their cocks out and jam out with their clams out.

PENGUIN: Sounds like freedom! I like it! Why did you decide to create Eroverse? What is the backstory for it?

TROGLOMIKE: Every good crypto project provides a well-needed solution. Eroverse saw a need in providing a gaming platform in which adult game developers and artists could upload their majestic pieces and sell them within a community geared towards this specific genre. By catering to the proliferation of this niche audience, Eroverse intends to dominate the adult gaming space. Our aligned artists are free to sell their games and art at the prices they want, and at a much lower service fee than our fiat-based competitors. Our 8% transaction tax dwarfs in comparison to the many fees these other services inject into business. We believe we have a superior product in the making, and one that creates the perfect balance between creator, gamer, and investor, leading to repeat business. We also use our Discord to provide our community with a place to call home. Chat with other members, read up on current events, and engage with developers and artists in the field.

PENGUIN: Sounds good. You have many options for everyone to choose from and that's really important. What important things have you done already in order to achieve your project goals? You mentioned NFT's, can you talk about them more or is it a secret for now?

TROGLOMIKE: During launch, Eroverse crafted a few sets of NFTs. Among them, the Eroverse Celeb Love NFTs (300 in existence) were the most popular, and for several reasons. They featured 3 lovely porn actresses, with 3 types of rarity, and possessed dynamite utility. That utility grants the owner free passage to all games (P2E, too!) on the Eroverse platform for as long as he holds it. And, I would presume, our most committed players today own at least one. In the extreme near future, Eroverse is due to drop their NFT Marketplace, and we expect this critical piece of infrastructure to become the most popular attractant for game developers and digital artists to mint erotic NFTs. As Eroverse meets success at becoming a beacon of sexual freedom and digital expressionism, we expect to create a ripple within the adult gaming world, waking up the scattered adult gaming masses, and encouraging them to make the pilgrimage towards this promised land.

PENGUIN: Sounds like a lot of great things are coming for Eroverse! I'm excited to see it all! Do you have any difficulties surviving in this bear market? I see you're doing pretty well even in these tough conditions, how do you manage it?

TROGLOMIKE: First and foremost, our strength is community, and if it were not for our community's strict commitment to HODLing and believing in our mission, then we would not be here today. Our community has 12 billion tokens out of a total supply of 45 billion staked and earning 40%APY. It hasn't been easy, but our investors know what we bring to the table, they know that our current team will complete the mission, and they know what rests on the other side of these poor market conditions. Once completed, Eroverse stands to remain functional, productive, and profitable despite outside market conditions. Our closed economy can be a disruptive force in the overall scheme of crypto, as we have a repeatable & enjoyable service product. All we need is more exposure, and we know it shall come at its appropriate time.

PENGUIN: Much respect to have built such a strong and loving community! It shows you really care about them and the project, this is amazing. Seems like you have a lot of experience in dealing with the market, have you guys been in crypto for a long time?

TROGLOMIKE: I can only speak for myself, but I jumped into crypto headfirst on April 26th, 2021. I saw the utility and majesty of Polygon once I started researching them. Along my trading path, I met Bingo, and his entry into crypto started a few months prior with Doge. Since our one year meeting, Bingo and I have committed to learning about the block and understanding economics and chart patterns while also researching many of the crypto projects out there (once again, the good ones, determined by their solution). Because of my knowledge of projects, I was able to convince Roman to forge a partnership with Flooz.trade to handle our fiat onramp service. On the EroversePlay site, customers are now able to purchase $BNB with fiat (Visa, Mastercard, Google and Apple Pay services) and swap it into $ERO tokens. This move makes our token easier to obtain, saving time transferring and all the associated network fees. All you need is a Metamask wallet.

PENGUIN: Oh so you guys are pretty new in the space, much respect with having so much achieved already! Fiat to Ero, awesome! Having easy access is important, I'm sure a lot of buyers appreciate the options you provide. Are you guys all from the same country? Have you ever met each other? TROGLOMIKE:

Roman is Argentinian. Bingo and I live in America. And Sim is from the UK. Bingo and I, separated by 140 or so miles, have met in the flesh a couple times, as I rely on him sometimes to add cool bots, gadgets, and such to my PCs and equipment. I really enjoy working without borders.

PENGUIN: Well you seem like a team with great management skills, even being in different time zones! That's commendable. Now a little bit of a theme change, hehe. What's your favorite pornstar?

TROGLOMIKE: Kali Roses definitely has my admiration! She's such a wonderful person and knows how to market.

PENGUIN: Is she a part of Eroverse?

TROGLOMIKE: She appeared as one of our 3 Eroverse Celeb Love NFT models, but she is not anything beyond that (to my knowledge).

PENGUIN: Still a nice thing to achieve! Does the work get to you sometimes? What is your daily motivation to keep going at it?

TROGLOMIKE: Honestly, I wake up every day with a new spark to keep my imagination at play. I look at Web3 from the viewpoint of a god (I am not a creator). I see it as a new universe, devoid of light and structure, and all it takes to make a galaxy, and one with the power to have people want to gravitate towards it is : Creativity and the Will. Combine the two, and you can make infinitely beautiful constructions worthy of earning a living in this age. All the smart kids know it to be true. I regret never learning to program, but it's never too late to start. I have the aptitude for it.

PENGUIN: I'm glad you believe in it so much, and it shows you seem very passionate about what you do. It's never too late! Apart from work though, what are your hobbies?

TROGLOMIKE: I have an extensive knowledge of many things but I take pleasure in building things with my hands. I enjoy carpentry, woodworking, machining tools and guns, solving all types of puzzles, gardening, and always thinking about solutions to many of the problems the world faces today.

PENGUIN: Oh wow, you seem very crafty! It's great that you have so many hobbies, which can be a useful skill as well! Impressive!

TROGLOMIKE: All skills were born from the necessity of freedom and self-preservation.

PENGUIN: True! I like your way of thinking! Coming up close to the end now, What would an ideal vacation look like for you? Imagine Eroverse is in the top 10 crypto's, you have it all, and now it's time to relax. Where would you go? What would you want to see/do?

TROGLOMIKE: I'm pretty well traveled, but I would totally love to fund my own archaeological research expedition and exercise a hunch I have about previous Earth civilizations being in contact with lifeforms from other dimensions/planes/galaxies.

PENGUIN: You're into some cool stuff, I hope you get to explore these things in the future!

TROGLOMIKE: It's strange and out there, but nobody else wants to tell us the truth.

PENGUIN: We have to find it ourselves.

TROGLOMIKE: It is a path.

PENGUIN: Well I really appreciate you talking to me, I hope I didn't take up too much of your time, this went a bit longer than anticipated but in a good way! I feel like we could go on for hours more, but I don't wanna keep you from your work anymore. Lastly, would you like to say something to the community of Eroverse and to the readers who took interest in this interview and learned about you guys?

TROGLOMIKE: I appreciate your time more! Feel free to hit me up any time! To our loyal community, especially to our "$ERO Militia" (being too small to call it an army yet), you have my greatest respect and admiration, and soon, you're going to reap the benefits of your labor and your faith in a project many wrote off as dead. WGFMI Thank you, my friend!

PENGUIN: I appreciate you taking the time out of your day for this! Beautiful words to end this on. It has been an absolute pleasure to be talking to you, I see a bright future for Eroverse and your whole team. Thank you!

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