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Published October 28, 20229 min read

BEETroot Team Talks About Their Upcoming Project

CoinMooner Team

PENGUIN: So, let's start with some introductions. Could you talk a bit about who you are?

EMPEROR BOOMER V: We are a couple of guys who got into crypto a while back, before most but not early enough. We believe crypto should be outside the 'system,' and we provide easy tools for newcomers to crypto to avoid KYC, etc.

MARCELO: Hi, I'm Marcelo, originally from Yorkshire, UK. I have vape shops, but I got into crypto about five years ago, towards the end of 2017, and was hooked by it.

PENGUIN: Nice to meet you both! So you have built some experience in crypto and real-life business already. Much respect! What inspired you to create Beetroot?

MARCELO: Yeah, the legacy finance machine has been creeping into crypto over the time I've been involved and trying to move it away from its roots. Holding your keys, no middlemen become KYC within CEX exchanges and anywhere else they can get control. It was becoming increasingly difficult to swap and move your assets about with privacy while keeping control of your private keys and assets. Long-winded routes across various dex's, and bridges, trying to avoid CEXs and KYC. After years of honing this, mainly for ourselves, we decided it needs to be made more accessible for everyone to do crypto the right way, the way it was supposed to be. So we created a privacy hub where you can do all of this easily, right from ramping, crossing all the way around crypto, into EVM chains, cut tracks, and back out.

PENGUIN: So you're bringing privacy back to crypto. That's great! And this is all functional and ready to go, correct?

EMPEROR BOOMER V: All of our products are live, and we are stacking the fees for buyback & burn once PulseChain launches. You are kind of right, we would love to bring privacy back to crypto, but we know it is a long game. We aim to make it as easy as possible for newcomers to remain private, I think we are succeeding!

PENGUIN: That's amazing that you guys already got everything set up. It must have been a ton of work to do that! Lovely when a new project has incredible things to offer from the get-go. Buyback & Burning - that's great since you guys will be ultra deflationary. Kudos! I like the black hole concept.

MARCELO: We have a build-first philosophy. Too many promises in crypto.

Yeah, it's deflationary, and BEET will be self-sustainable, for the long term, throughout all market cycles as the revenue grows from the fee shares of the hub. So it's not like most cryptos with nothing supporting them. It has a revenue-making privacy hub that goes back to buy back and burn. It's a hodlers token for the long term, designed to thrive throughout all market conditions in the cycles, not a trader's token. Most cryptos don't have products to generate their own revenue to support themselves; BEETroot is unique. There is nothing like it in crypto.

PENGUIN: Self-sustainable, people should be taking notes! So, guys, you've got the sustainability and the product, but I'm sure you aren't stopping. Where do you see your project one year from now?

MARCELO: Building up users of the privacy hub is the most important... the tools are fantastic, and once people use them, they become regulars. As with traditional businesses, repeat customers are what it is all about. We are developing a strong, like-minded community, aiming to build this further and continually improve our tools. Also, there will be a lot of hype as Pulsechain becomes imminent, it will be huge, and we will capitalize on that to get off to a great start and deliver for everyone long term.

PENGUIN: I see you have some discounts on the Privacy Bridge as well. That's very attractive! Is it only for the bridge?

EMPEROR BOOMER V: We get the best prices we can. There is no tool on our website we didn't use ourselves before adding it.

MARCELO: Yeah, there are built-in discounts on our bespoke privacy bridge dapp, and it already has six working chains. We have Pulsechain ready to go on it and already featured. All our other services also receive fees, which are used for buyback and burn to support BEET. There will be extra promotions in the future, with promotional codes that we will provide for extra discounts.

PENGUIN: Nice. Sounds like an excellent plan to incentivize usage, though I'm sure you'll have no trouble with it anyway! Now, how big is your team? Are there more guys working on BEET, or do you guys solely do the work by yourselves?

MARCELO: It's a team of 3, there is us, and we have a dev. We do as much as we can ourselves, but where it gets very complex, like with our Privacy Bridge Mixer dapp, we pass some of that work to our dev.

PENGUIN: So the work is balanced nicely for all 3 of you, lovely! What makes you successful project owners or even as people yourselves? What are the characteristics that won't let you give up?

MARCELO: Yeah, we are all good at different things. It works well. Building a small business in the vaping industry when we were one of the first eight years ago took a lot of determination. If you believe in your product or service and have passion for it, you will find the determination to succeed. We really believe in what we have built and use it ourselves every day, as we did before we made it public.

EMPEROR BOOMER V: Crypto is no different from the real world. If you can provide what is needed, you will succeed.

PENGUIN: That can definitely build up a work ethic, especially if you're passionate about it, true.

EMPEROR BOOMER V: We provide privacy... it is desperately needed

PENGUIN: It sure is. We need to stick to the roots.

MARCELO: It seems to have gotten lost in crazy dangerous Defi protocols where founders hold admin keys and all sorts. Strayed way off track.

PENGUIN: It's a dangerous space... We definitely need more safety.

EMPEROR BOOMER V: Education is key. That's where sites like CoinMooner can make a difference.

PENGUIN: And we can spread the word about projects like BEET that provide that privacy and safety to the people! So, guys, you decided to launch on Pulsechain. Can you tell us more about why you chose it? What are the advantages for you?

EMPEROR BOOMER V: PulseChain is going to be huge. When it (finally) launches, you won't believe the size of it. The HEX community is huge already, and it's the most hyped launch since ETH...

EMPEROR BOOMER V: And it is faster, better, and airdropping to millions of wallets

MARCELO: Yeah, there are lots of improvements, delegated staking, so you don't have to use middlemen like with ETH, deflationary, speed... too many to mention them all here right now!!

EMPEROR BOOMER V: Delegated staking is true crypto.

MARCELO: And the backing was huge. They even had Vitalik comment on it in a positive way, also the biggest influencers, BitBoy, etc... everyone knows about Pulsechain. It will be a massive launch.

PENGUIN: Hmm, lot's of good things on PulseChain, it seems. You present it well! Do you think CoinMooner should be on it, too, perhaps?

EMPEROR BOOMER V: I think it's a slow game, so prepare... when it launches, it'll be top 10.

PENGUIN: Well, we're going to have to look into it then, don't want to miss it! By the way, you are also both KYC'ed on CoinMooner. I see the certificate on your website. Thank you for choosing us!

MARCELO: Yeah, and we are audited too.

PENGUIN: These things are crucial. It's great that you covered both KYC and audit, shows you appreciate safety. But, unfortunately, too many projects skip these steps nowadays.

MARCELO: It's essential that people have the confidence to both use our tools and support the token, and the KYC and audit help with this, especially in the early stages.

PENGUIN: For sure, transparency and safety are key. You guys highlight these values with BEET. Let's have a change of topic right now. We want to get to know you as people more as well! What do you like to do as hobbies? How do you relax from your work and crypto madness?

MARCELO: Football for me, not playing it, watching it!!

PENGUIN: What's your team?

EMPEROR BOOMER V: Blackburn Rovers.

MARCELO: Leeds UTD, it's hard to watch right now, though!!

PENGUIN: I haven't watched football for a minute. Whats been happening?

MARCELO: Not won for 8 games, fallen into bottom 3

PENGUIN: Oh... maybe a comeback is in play?

MARCELO: Starting with Liverpool away at the weekend.

PENGUIN: Oh, man! Best of luck, exciting game! I'll be rooting for you!

MARCELO: I got 2 greyhounds as well. They are a handful and take up a lot of my time!! Gotta take them for miles every day to have a half calm house!!

PENGUIN: Oh wow, I can imagine! How old?

MARCELO: Ones 8, and quite chilled. The other is 3 and is hyped and mental!!

PENGUIN: Haha, 3 is still a baby, full of energy! But it's great, you have to be active, like it or not, and that's positive for both!

MARCELO: Yeah, if you don't take them, it's at your own peril. They are just too hyper.

PENGUIN: Not gonna be pretty! Dogs are lovely, though, I love them so much!

MARCELO: Yeah, love dogs. They are worth it... the welcome you get when you get in is mad.

PENGUIN: Loyalty and unconditional love.

EMPEROR BOOMER V: Better than children.

PENGUIN: That's for sure.

MARCELO: *laughs*

PENGUIN: What kind of music are you guys into? The UK has so many great artists. Who are your favorites?

MARCELO: 80's and 90's, giving away my age now!!!

PENGUIN: Hard to tell! You might be around my age, then. The Cure man, so good.

MARCELO: Yeah, you have good taste out of the '80s, The Cure is brilliant.

PENGUIN: Do you have any vinyls? The sound hits so different to be honest. Way more lively.

MARCELO: Nah, I just use the evil Spotify now. Actually, this is an area that crypto is good for, a more fair service to the artists. They get ripped by these giants. There have been some attempts by crypto projects providing music as NFTs they can create themselves and sell directly on a marketplace and other subscription stuff, but none have prevailed so far.

PENGUIN: Ahhh, yes, it's convenient can't argue with that. True, streaming services pay next to nothing, sadly... I also think music can be a big thing with crypto, just need the right way to do it, and it can become huge. In the end, do you want to say anything to the future investors and the people reading this?

MARCELO: Privacy was huge in 2017 bull, it was forgotten in the last one... It always comes back to the top, and after the last few years, freedom and privacy are back on the agenda. It will be huge in the next bull run. Don't miss the privacy train!! Get onboard with BEETroot and BEET!!

EMPEROR BOOMER V: Pick your projects wisely, don't trust anybody, and the only beat worth dancing to is BEET.

MARCELO: That's poetry.

PENGUIN: Indeed very well said! Thank you, guys, for taking the time to talk to us, and I wish you the best of luck with your project!

EMPEROR BOOMER V: Nice one, mate. God bless.

MARCELO: Great, much appreciated. See ya.

Thank you for your time BEETroot team, and a big thank you to our readers, we hope you enjoyed this interview. If you want to know more about the BEETroot project, visit the links below:

Privacy Hub Website:

Privacy Bridge & Mixer Dapp:


Telegram Chat:

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