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From Click to Earnings: Innovative Projects Uniting P2E and MEME

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The world of Web3 is always evolving and improving. Concepts like Play-to-Earn (P2E), MEME, SocialFi, DeFi, Metaverse, and many others aren't just existing on their own but are merging, sparking waves of innovation. Today, Coinmooner is excited to introduce you to the latest article dedicated to a revolutionary innovation sweeping the globe and three projects brilliantly harnessing its potential.

We're talking about clicker games, which stand out from traditional meme coins by attracting users with their simplicity and innovation. These games offer the opportunity to earn tokens by performing simple actions in a Telegram bot, touching on areas like P2E, SocialFi, MEME, and more.

These three projects showcase how modern Web3 technologies can create new forms of interaction and earning. They blend different concepts, providing users with a unique and innovative experience. Let's dive into each of these projects in more detail and explore the exciting opportunities they offer.



First in line for our Coinmooner's spotlight is the project Notcoin - an innovative crypto game developed by Russian founders and launched on Telegram. The game offers users a unique opportunity to earn coins by simply tapping on their mobile device screens. These coins can later be converted into project tokens with real value on cryptocurrency exchanges. The project's main goal and ideology are to introduce new users, unfamiliar with the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, to this technology through gameplay. This significantly broadens the cryptocurrency community's audience, making it more accessible and understandable to the general public.

The Notcoin team consists of over 20 individuals, including developers, marketers, and finance specialists. The project's founder is Alexander Plotvinov, who is also the founder of Open Builders company. He presented the Notcoin product in Dubai in 2023, attracting considerable attention to the project. Sergey Chikirev, also a co-founder of Open Builders, is a co-founder of the project. These leaders actively promote the project by giving interviews and participating in various media events. Thanks to their efforts, the project has managed to gather over 30 million unique users, which is a phenomenal result for a cryptocurrency game.

The mechanics of the Notcoin game are quite simple and intuitive. Users earn coins by tapping on their device screens - the more taps, the more coins. The game also features various boosters that allow increasing the number of coins received per tap or restoring energy required for mining. Additionally, users can purchase bots that automatically tap for them and receive daily free boosters. All these mechanics make the game engaging and encourage users to actively participate in the coin mining process.

Recently, players received their long-awaited dividends. All major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, OKX, and Bybit, announced the start of trading the NOT token of the Notcoin game. Launched earlier this year, the project has gathered millions of players who were earning coins. Now, these coins can be converted into tokens running on The Open Network (TON) blockchain and traded on exchanges. The token's potential was incredible, and a large number of people worldwide were able to earn from it.



A tracking project with a similar concept in the Web3 industry that Coinmooner wants to highlight is Hamster Combat. Hamster Combat is a free game on the Web3 platform, available on the Telegram messenger. In this game, you become the manager of a cryptocurrency exchange to develop it and increase profits. The game isn't limited to standard clicker mechanics: while you can earn coins by clicking on the hamster, the main focus is on upgrading passive income. This allows you to minimize the time spent on the game and earn income by logging in only a few times a day.

Hamster Combat already has over 20 million active users and more than 10 million subscribers on Telegram. The game has entered into strategic partnerships with cryptocurrency exchanges such as BingX, as well as with a hedge fund and market maker GotBit. The app is regularly updated, includes new partnerships, and ranks among the top apps on Telegram.

The game has a clear roadmap, and a cryptocurrency listing associated with the project is expected. The game has good earning potential, especially considering the success of other projects in the cryptocurrency space.

You can start playing by following the link to the Hamster Combat Bot, where you'll receive an initial 5000 coins for upgrades. Currently, the project is vying for the title of the largest channel and group on Telegram. The number of players and subscribers is growing daily at a tremendous rate.



The last project in this niche that Coinmooner wants to highlight in this news article is TapSwap, built on the Solana blockchain. It's an online game that combines elements of clicker and economic strategy. The game is available on mobile devices and computers. Based on the "tap" mechanic, TapSwap allows players to earn in-game currency and resources that can be used to improve and develop in-game objects. Its popularity is due to its simple mechanics and opportunities for strategic development.

However, despite the claimed features, TapSwap turned out to be a scam project with anonymous developers. It offers a mechanism for earning through completing tasks, participating in events, and trading with other players. TSW tokens, the in-game currency, play an important role in the game's economy, but their real value is not established due to the absence of listings on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Despite plans for listings on major exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and KuCoin, and planned events to attract new players, many experts consider the TapSwap project weak. They express concerns about the stability of the game economy, the high volatility of the TSW token, and dissatisfaction with technical issues such as app crashes, delays, and bugs.


Technological progress is the continuous pursuit of new heights and the perpetual drive for improvement and innovation. And the Web3 industry is one of the most dynamic and cutting-edge fields in the modern world.

Furthermore, cryptocurrencies and blockchain are currently being actively used to address numerous global issues: financial inclusion, digital identification, supply chain management, and many others. This rapid technological progress in the crypto industry not only transforms our financial system but also impacts society as a whole.

Coinmooner makes efforts to stay abreast of the latest trends in the crypto industry and timely inform our readers about them. In this era of rapid information dissemination, we strongly recommend always carefully verifying information sources to avoid falling into the traps of scammers, as well as conducting personal analysis and staying well-informed. In conclusion, we want to remind you that in the Web3 industry, it's important to always use cutting-edge security methods to protect yourself and your investments from fraudulent activities.

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