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Published May 29, 20221 min read

Hacker Loses Stolen NFTs as Community Fights Back

CoinMooner Team

Scammers took away 109 user wallets with 150-plus SOL tokens and 25 World of Solana (WOS) NFTs that included three rare and highly valuable digital collectibles. This started with the Discord channel hack of cross-chain gaming development studio Uncharted NFT, where scammers managed to drain 109 user wallets. However, in an interesting turn of events, the Solana community came together to “scam” a scammer to get back some stolen NFTs.

According to a post on the Solana subreddit, a user has been scammed out of 25 NFTs. The victim states that he or she accidentally posted a screenshot of the private key of their wallet to a Discord server, where it was intercepted by a scammer. Many of the stolen NFTs were then immediately sold on MagicEden, a marketplace for NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

“Some NFTers and the community decided to pool together and buy back the stolen NFTs.”

Within two days, a large portion of the stolen NFTs had been purchased by NFT enthusiasts. The buyers did not try to profit from the situation; instead, they immediately returned them to the rightful owner, without any compensation. Some of the NFTs were purchased by a scammer who was watching the situation unfold. This scammer appeared to be using a sniping bot to attempt to sell the NFTs for a profit.

Sniping is the act of placing a winning bid in the last few seconds of an NFT auction. This tactic is used to prevent other NFT buyers from outbidding you before the auction concludes. Fortunately, The community managed to retrieve the other 10 sniped NFTs as well and return the 25 WOS NFTs to the rightful owner.

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