Published June 5, 20242 min read

Exposure: Mayweather and Cryptocurrency Fraud - Anonymous Sleuth Unveils the Truth

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CoinMooner repeatedly mentioned that sports and Web3 technologies form an amazing combination, creating incredible synergy in attracting finances and stimulating supply and demand. In particular, in our article "The Coinmooner Team Gathers Information on Events Involving Ronaldo and Binance, Including Legal Actions," CoinMooner covered this topic in detail.

In today's news article, Coinmooner wants to share the latest news about accusations from popular crypto-detective ZachXBT, who accused famous boxer Mayweather of promoting fraudulent crypto projects and deceiving investors. ZachXBT has earned trust in the industry thanks to his reputation as an anonymous blockchain detective, known for exposing crypto scams, hacks, and dubious practices. With over 515,000 followers on X and an active Telegram channel, he warns the community about new threats, uncovering fraudulent schemes and protecting investors.

ZachXBT was awarded "Social Influencer to Watch" at the Crypto Awards 2024 in partnership with Coinbase for his thorough investigations and detailed publications. His work has led to real arrests and significantly increased security in the crypto space.


ZachXBT's Warning: Floyd Mayweather's Crypto Endorsements Raise Concerns

Coinmooner decided to find out the details of the accusations raised by ZachXB. According to his opinion and analysis, Floyd Mayweather has recently been frequently mentioning the FLOYD token. However, he suddenly deleted his promotional posts, which raised ZachXBT's concerns about the possible collapse of the crypto project.

The athlete has been involved in pump-and-dump schemes, where he artificially inflates the price of an asset, only to sell off his investments later, leaving other investors with losses. ZachXBT warned his followers against disguised endorsements by celebrities to invest in dubious tokens.

The blockchain detective reminded that the boxer has already earned tens of millions of dollars from projects like Mayweverse, Ethereum Max, Bored Bunny, Real Floyd NFT, and Moonshot, as well as other ICO projects from 2018. All the listed startups turned out to be fraudulent, emphasized ZachXBT, posing a rhetorical question to readers: does Mayweather deserve trust?

Our Coinmoonerteam always aims to stay informed about all events and developments, especially when it comes to serious accusations raised by popular figures in the Web3 industry, like ZachXB. We promise our loyal readers that we will carefully track the progress of the investigation and keep them updated on all the latest events and news. Furthermore, in the context of the dynamic Web3 industry, it's important to emphasize that financial security is a top priority. We urge all our readers to remain vigilant and employ advanced security methods to ensure the reliable protection of their digital assets.

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