Published May 26, 20242 min read

Cryptocurrency Intrigues: Unveiling a Banking Scheme in China

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In the realm of global finance, where power struggles and covert operations are commonplace, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a new tool for illicit activities. Yet, even in this domain, there exist laws and regulatory bodies striving to curb such activities. Investigations into criminal schemes that exploit cryptocurrencies to bypass currency controls are underway in numerous countries across the globe.

In today's news, Coinmooner aims to shed light on a recent incident. This case unfolded in China, where a bank allegedly operated using the USDT stablecoin, a type of cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar, and engaged in a series of clandestine transactions, thereby violating the country's currency laws. The investigation revealed that the bank, operational since the start of 2021, used cryptocurrency to transfer funds abroad, facilitate smuggling operations, and evade taxes.

According to the Chengdu prosecutor's office, the organization had branches in 26 provinces of China and utilized them to carry out illegal operations. The bank employees exchanged currency for smuggling pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, purchased assets abroad, and assisted companies from China in tax evasion.

Following the investigation, a significant number of individuals, including the masterminds behind these illegal activities, were apprehended. The authorities seized bank cards, other payment instruments, and accounts holding tens of millions of dollars. The alleged crimes encompassed smuggling, financial fraud involving cryptocurrencies, and tax evasion, painting a stark picture of the magnitude and complexity of the operation.


Crypto Labyrinth: The Story of an Organization in China Weaving Networks of Financial Intrigues

Every country has laws regarding cryptocurrencies, and China's are stricter. Coinmooner wanted to find out more about this case. The prosecutor's office in Chengdu is preparing charges and intends to send the case to the court in Sichuan province. This case is another example of how cryptocurrencies are used for illegal activities and how law enforcement agencies tackle this issue.

This isn't the first time cryptocurrencies have caught the attention of Chinese authorities. Previously, there were reports of suspects being detained for using virtual currency on an underground crypto platform, where transactions were conducted in Chinese yuan and Korean won. The Public Security Bureau of Panzhihua City apprehended six suspects.

These cases highlight the need for stricter control over cryptocurrency usage and the development of appropriate legislation. While cryptocurrencies offer many benefits and new opportunities in the financial sphere, their potential for misuse remains significant. Authorities from different countries must collaborate to develop effective control mechanisms and prevent unlawful activities involving cryptocurrencies.

Coinmooner will keep an eye on such news and strive to inform our readers promptly about what's happening worldwide. CoinMooner also encourages our readers to pay attention to crucial crypto news and do so using verified sources, preferably from multiple sources, to completely understand what's happening. Additionally, in the Web3 world, ensuring the reliable protection of your finances is crucial. So, CoinMooner strongly recommends always resorting to advanced security methods to reduce the risks of encountering fraudulent schemes and ensure the safety of your funds.

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