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The Rise of Digital Assets: Insights into New Zealand's Crypto Craze

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Lately, more and more people worldwide are getting interested in Web3. Many are putting their money into cryptocurrencies because they see them proliferating. Unlike binary options or Forex, where you might gain 8 to 12 percent yearly, cryptocurrencies can bring that in just minutes. Plus, people like the anonymity and security that come with using crypto.

In today's news, Coinmooner wants to share some fascinating findings from a survey by a crypto exchange. It turns out, that folks in New Zealand prefer investing in digital assets over buying property. They're eager to boost their income quickly, and right now, cryptocurrencies offer some of the best potential for that.

New Zealand is cautious but forward-thinking about crypto, regulating it as property. Law changes show they want to create a safe environment for this sector to grow. Taxes are a big part of it—individuals are taxed on profits from transactions, and companies have to meet strict compliance and tax requirements. Overall, the country is welcoming innovations from the Web3 world.


The Rise of Digital Assets: New Zealanders' Attitudes and Intentions Revealed

Coinmooner dug into this research and found some intriguing insights based on data collected from a survey of 1034 adults in New Zealand.

Looking at the responses, we discovered a few surprising points. For instance, it turns out that 14% of New Zealand's population either currently own cryptocurrency or have owned it in the past, while 31% intend to acquire digital assets.

The survey also revealed that 60% of participants see investing in cryptocurrency as viable. Furthermore, 72% consider real estate investment to be high-yielding, with about 40% sharing this view about cryptocurrency. Overall, it's been revealed that the cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com recently published a report estimating a global user count of 580 million people. In 2023, cryptocurrency users increased by 34%. Particularly impressive are the numbers for Ethereum (+39%) and Bitcoin (+33%). While data for 2024 hasn't been published yet, it's likely to surpass previous years, especially considering the Bitcoin Halving. This trend shows how rapidly the Web3 industry is capturing people's interest.

CoinMooner will keep track of all market changes and keep our readers informed. CoinMooner would also want to remind everyone that in such a dynamic era of innovative technologies, it's always crucial to stick to cutting-edge security methods to ensure maximum financial safety.

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