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Web3 Wonders: Unveiling Today's Most Talked-About Crypto Assets

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In the world of Web3, everyone looking to join the ranks of traders or already experienced players strives to unravel the mystery of the most popular projects and coins that can bring profit in this fast-paced industry. Which ones are worth paying attention to to ride the waves of their success or failure?

Today's news article, brought to you by Coinmooner, is your gateway to the top three hottest cryptocurrencies that have been dominating the virtual world of Web3. These coins and tokens, which have been the center of attention over the past day, are not just for observation, but for your active participation. They can help you earn extra income and deepen your understanding of modern financial instruments. Every day, millions worldwide pay attention to these crypto assets, underlining the undeniable relevance of these tools in the investment and trading sphere.

The list below will serve as a source of information about current trends and market excitement and an opportunity to delve deeper into the world of cryptocurrencies and their dynamic nature.



Coinmooner proudly highlights the Notcoin project, which we've already mentioned in previous news articles. Notcoin was officially launched by the Open Builders team on the first day of 2024 and has quickly attracted over 30 million new users. For many, Notcoin has been the first step into Web3 and blockchain technologies.

Notcoin is an incremental game with simple mechanics. It is easy to join and start "mining" Notcoin by simply clicking on the screen. Additionally, the app offers extra features, including social activities that not only help users earn coins but also introduce players to other friendly projects based on Telegram and the TON blockchain.

The Notcoin app is developed using the MiniApps technology integrated into Telegram. MiniApps are regular web applications that interact with WebView. Development employs standard frontend technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and in more complex projects, TypeScript, React, and SCSS may also be used.

In March 2024, the Open Builders team announced the release of NFT vouchers for Notcoin. Users can exchange mined coins for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and list them for sale for the Toncoin cryptocurrency. NFT voucher transactions are currently conducted on the Getgems.io marketplace and managed by smart contracts.

Smart contracts for TON are written in languages like FunC, Fift, and Golang and executed on the TON Virtual Machine (TVM). TON boasts low transaction costs and high speed—blocks are created every 5 seconds. The possibility of virtually infinite network sharding allows for the implementation of the most ambitious projects on TON.

The real price of Notcoin is $0.018622 USD, with a trading volume of $845,575,841 USD over the last 24 hours. Notcoin's quotes have risen by 6.72% in the last 24 hours. According to the current CoinMarketCap rating, Notcoin ranks 53rd with an actual market capitalization of $1,912,470,847. There are 102,701,033,769 NOT coins in circulation, with no maximum supply limit.



Next on today's list, Coinmooner proudly presents the Bitgert project token (BRISE), which we want to highlight. Bitgert is a crypto engineering project that started in July 2021 and specializes in blockchain products and centralized exchanges. Initially, Bitgert developed the BNB Chain and used its own BNB token for rewards. However, in 2022, one of Bitgert's most significant developments was introduced: the BRC20 blockchain. This blockchain offers almost zero gas fees and high-speed inter-network transactions. It's worth noting that the gas fee is only $0.0000000000001 per transaction, and the supported throughput reaches up to 100,000 TPS.

Bitgert's product arsenal includes Bitgert Blockchain, Bitgert Exchange, Paybrise, Realestate Marketplace, Decentralized Marketplace, BRISE Stakes, and BRISE Swap. Bitgert offers an alternative to the popular DEX platform PancakeSwap. BRISE is Bitgert's internal token, allowing investors to benefit from staking and receiving rewards in BUSD only on the BSC network.

The smart contract on the BSC Chain includes a buyback mechanism. Furthermore, Bitgert directs 5% of each transaction fee to buyback, 3% to marketing, and 4% to staking rewards. This mechanism aims to support the price of the BRISE token, making it a deflationary asset. The smart contract on the ETH network does not include tax fees.

Bitgert claims to have an actual use case: it can become a global payment system and is used as a peer-to-peer (P2P) service in the BRISE dApp wallet. Thus, buyers and sellers interact directly, without involving a third party, through the P2P service, and transactions are executed quickly, securely, and without fees.

Bitgert's price ranges from $1.53 to $7 USD, with a 24-hour trading volume of $14,447,354. Bitgert has fallen by 3.17% in the last 24 hours. According to the current CoinMarketCap ranking, Bitgert ranks 576th with an actual market capitalization of $60,347,882. There are 395,688,215,721,653 BRISE coins in circulation, and the maximum supply is unlimited. If you want to purchase Bitgert at the current rate, the leading cryptocurrency exchanges for this are DigiFinex, Bitget, Deepcoin, Tapbit, and Poloniex.



Last on the list, Coinmooner wants to draw our readers' attention to the recently emerged star - the Super Trump Coin. It's an innovative cryptocurrency utilizing blockchain technology to pay tribute to the political legacy of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States. Super Trump Coin aims to create a digital asset ecosystem reflecting Trump's principles, such as limited government and a free-market economy. With a total supply of 2.6 billion tokens, Super Trump Coin directs a portion of transaction fees to Donald Trump's wallet. At the same time, the rest is allocated to liquidity, burning, treasury, exchanges, staking/farming, and marketing.

This unique token provides enthusiasts with the opportunity to participate in the digital economy, express their political beliefs, and support Trump's political movement. Additionally, Super Trump Coin's roadmap includes strategic stages like fair launch, listing on well-known cryptocurrency platforms, marketing campaigns across various social networks, and plans for community engagement through events and partnerships.

Super Trump Coin unites all Trump supporters to support the mission of capturing the White House! With the approaching elections, interest in Trump reaches new heights. Judging by his exclusive NFT collection, it's becoming clear: Trump must become the first cryptocurrency-friendly president of the United States! Their unique crypto token is more than just an investment - it symbolizes support for Trump's political movement.

As of today, the price of Super Trump is $0.023371, with a 24-hour trading volume of $8,765,631. Super Trump shares have risen by 28.95% in the last 24 hours. According to the current CoinMarketCap ranking, Super Trump ranks 681st with an actual market capitalization of $42,941,186. There are 1,837,382,589 STRUMP coins in circulation, with a maximum supply of 2,600,000,000 STRUMP coins. If you want to purchase Super Trump at the current rate, the leading cryptocurrency exchanges are LBank, DigiFinex, XT.COM, BitMart, and IndoEx.


When cryptocurrencies are becoming an increasingly important element of the financial ecosystem, it's essential to have a deep understanding not only of how token market fluctuations affect investments but also of their essence, potential, and prospects to determine their long-term viability. Our Coinmooner team is confident that this article will be handy for readers looking to expand their knowledge of promising and successful cryptocurrencies in the Web3 industry.

CoinMooner also believes it's essential to focus on surface aspects of investing and deeply understand the fundamental principles and technologies underlying various cryptocurrencies. This will help investors make more informed decisions and successfully navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrency investments.

Also, CoinMooner reminds you of the importance of carefully verifying information from various sources. In cryptocurrency, knowing all the nuances and details is essential to making informed decisions and avoiding potential risks.

It's also crucial to remember the necessity of using advanced security methods to ensure the safety of one's finances. In the Web3 world, where dynamism and instability have become commonplace, protecting one's assets becomes paramount. Only by adhering to high-security standards can one be confident in the safety of their investments and personal data.

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