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Free Cryptocurrency Experience: A Look at the Most Interesting Airdrops

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In Web3, the term "airdrop" has become quite common. It is often associated with getting cryptocurrency or tokens for free. However, only some understand this process, especially those recently moved from the Web2 scene.

An airdrop is a strategic method of disseminating cryptocurrency or tokens by distributing them for free to a specific target audience. The objective could be to generate interest in a new project, incentivize existing token holders, expand the community, or execute a marketing campaign.

In the Web3 landscape, airdrops are gaining traction due to their ability to attract attention to projects and engage potential users without requiring immediate financial commitments. This approach also facilitates the dissemination of tokens and fosters an active community around the project, thereby enhancing its visibility and potential for growth.

In today's news article, our team at Coinmooner has gathered an analysis of three of the most popular and talked-about airdrops, along with the projects implementing them, carefully examining their features and potential. These airdrops grab attention with their generosity and offer intriguing, innovative solutions that could shape the future of the cryptocurrency space. Let's delve deeper into these projects, understanding their goals, the technologies they use, and the benefits they offer to participants.



We want to kick off the airdrop review with Matter Labs - a company creating a decentralized Ethereum scaling app to smooth out interactions between parties. Their product, zkSync, is a ZK roll-up protocol ensuring scalable and low-cost transactions on Ethereum. Founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2019, Matter Labs aims to boost efficiency and accessibility in decentralized financial services.

zkSync stands out among other Layer 2 scaling solutions for its security and user-friendliness. Thanks to modern cryptographic methods and Ethereum's mainnet data availability, ZK rollups (zkSync's core) are the only L2 solution that does not need ongoing activity for secure asset storage. For instance, users can log off and safely withdraw their assets upon return, even if ZK rollup validators are no longer accessible.

AIRDROP: zkSync offers potential rewards for users who complete tasks on their platform. These tasks include connecting a wallet to zkSync, completing simple tasks on their platform, conducting transactions, and adding liquidity to SyncSwap and Mute pools.



FTX Ventures and, Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz led a $135 million funding round for LayerZero Labs. This Vancouver-based company works diligently on a protocol to connect decentralized applications across multiple blockchain networks.

Blockchain infrastructure provider LayerZero Labs raised $120 million in a Series B funding round at a valuation of $3 billion, tripling its valuation from $135 million in March 2022.

The latest round's investors include the crypto arm of prominent investment firm Andreessen Horowitz, auction house Christie’s, Sequoia Capital, and Samsung Next. Thirty investors participated, including BOND, Circle Ventures, and OpenSea Ventures.

The second airdrop our team Coinmooner wants to highlight in this news article belongs to LayerZero, which is, in turn, a protocol of interaction connecting blockchains (over 50), enabling developers to create seamless omni-chain applications, tokens, and user interfaces. The protocol is built on immutable chain entry points, a customizable security stack, and a seamless set of messengers for censorship-resistant messages passing between blockchains.

AIRDROP: LayerZero offers potential rewards in ZRO tokens for completing tasks on their platform. Tasks include creating a free NFT, transferring NFTs to another network, and topping up gas.



The last airdrop we want to discuss in this news article belongs to Linea. It represents the next stage of development of ConsenSys zkEVM, a next-generation force of decentralized applications on Ethereum.

This morning, they opened the doors of their test network to any developer, user, or protocol, inviting the Web3 community to join them in scaling Ethereum.

To mark this moment, they excitedly announced that ConsenSys zkEVM is now called Linea, an innovative Layer 2 (L2) where new decentralized applications (dApps) will be created by developers and easily accessible in MetaMask.

Linea will support the new generation of Ethereum builders who can innovate without being limited by cost or scalability. Among the many scaling solutions working to fulfill Ethereum 2.0 promises, Linea is the thread connecting Ethereum's past and present with its potential and future. The Latin word "line" signifies that builders on Linea will be at the forefront of what's possible in Web3 while maintaining the ability to revert to well-trodden paths of leading web infrastructure and ConsenSys tools for Web3.

The progress and feedback on Linea have far exceeded their expectations. They released the specification for their zkEVM at DevCon 6 last fall. Still, when they launched the private test network in January of this year, they couldn't even imagine reaching 1.5 million transactions in just the first few weeks. They thank their early partners and testers who helped shape and prepare Linea.

AIRDROP: Complete tasks to potentially receive airdrops and rewards.

1. Wallet Activation:

- Visit the website and connect your wallet.

- Click "Activate."

- Done! If everything goes well, you'll see a notification.

This action is necessary to earn LXP-L when the Linea Surge campaign begins. You won't be able to participate in this campaign without activating your wallet. Earning LXP-L will start after April 30.

2. Linea Surge:

- Linea Surge begins on April 30. To become an early user and receive reward boosts, you must deposit at least 0.101 ETH into any dApp on Linea.


It's important to note that airdrops, as a way of distributing tokens, come with certain risks and require careful analysis and assessment. However, when approached correctly, they can be essential for attracting attention and establishing connections in the decentralized world of cryptocurrencies. In this regard, Coinmooner commits to closely monitoring such events from significant players in the crypto industry that can help users earn funds simply by completing tasks. Additionally, we want to remind everyone of the importance of consistently verifying information from multiple sources to understand any situation fully. It's also essential to handle your crypto wallets carefully and rely on advanced protection methods to safeguard your finances and data, minimizing potential losses.

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