Published October 23, 20222 min read

Weekly update #2

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Bitcoin price uncertain

Bitcoin has barely moved this week, trading at around $19,457 at the time of writing. The largest crypto's price has been hovering around the 19-20k price for a while now, which left speculators divided amongst themselves, predicting bullish and bearish moves to come next.

A hacker who stole Ed Sheeran's music was sentenced to prison

A hacker from England who stole Ed Sheeran's unreleased records has been sentenced to 1,5 years in prison. The hacker sold the stolen songs of Ed Sheeran & the rapper Lil Uzi Vert, for crypto worth $148,000.

October breaks records for crypto hacks

Around $700 million has been stolen by various hacks in DeFi, a record-breaking amount in a month.

Interpol is coming for the Metaverse

Interpol has revealed its law enforcement platform for the metaverse that will operate worldwide. Interpol metaverse will allow users to collaborate and interact with various policing activities. They will also have training courses.

Argentina's tax collection agency arrests 40 people related to illegal crypto mining

The agency has shut down an illegal crypto mining business operated by 40 people. They seized a large amount of money and mining equipment.

Dogecoin supporters bullish

The famous DOGE community is once again excited and optimistic about Dogecoin with expectations of Elon Musk purchasing Twitter and implementing Dogecoin as a payment system on the famous social media, based on the information leaked from Elon's private messages a while back.

EU Commission says DeFi needs more regulation

The EU Commission aims to implement a new wave of regulations for DeFi to protect investors from losing their investments. Tarik Roukny has proposed to get the providers to sign up for the regulation voluntarily, which would make them known publicly and show they are approved and don't risk being rug-pulled.

Turkish authorities seize $40 million in illegal gambling funds

The authorities arrested 46 suspects for involvement in an illegal gambling business.

South Africa approved crypto assets

The country has approved crypto assets as a financial product, setting the legal grounds for cryptocurrencies to be reviewed by regulators.

Brazilian bank to implement crypto as a rewards program

Brazil's Nubank has stated that they will launch a Nucoin digital currency in the first half of 2023, offering its customers discounts and perks for accumulating Nucoin.

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