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Best NFT Investments In 2022

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NFTs became insanely popular during the pandemic, and they remain a current hit on the blockchain market. People are frantically researching what NFTs are, how to buy or make them, and what the best NFT to invest in is out there. These questions and other details will be covered in the article below.

Investing in NFTs

Before investing in non-fungible tokens, it is important to do a little research about this phenomenon. Many crypto enthusiasts and even people who get used to investing in more traditional stocks want to jump on this train as soon as possible to collect all the benefits. However, thorough planning will grant endless opportunities even for beginners in this field.


What Is NFT and Where to Buy It?

An NFT, or a non-fungible token, is a piece of digital artwork, a song, a video game item, or even something like a tweet or another post type from the Internet. NFTs are usually tied to cryptos, as they are normally blockchain-based and purchased with digital currencies. All the listed are similar technologies, but they have some principal differences. These tokens are non-fungible, as every single one of them is unique. This uniqueness can be proven by special data encrypted in each NFT. Even if someone downloads a picture of an NFT from the Internet, it will not be original, as it will not have the required data to prove its authenticity.

Non-fungible tokens can be purchased on specialized online marketplaces, just like crypto coins can be bought on crypto exchanges. There are quite a few NFT marketplaces available nowadays, and new platforms continue to emerge. However, certain options deliver the best security and quality. Some of the top exchanges offering the best NFT to invest in are Binance, OpenSea, Rarible, Crypto.com, and Foundation.

How to Invest In NFTs


As NFTs cannot be bought in the same way as regular products available online, it is necessary to make some preparations before you can actually purchase a token. The procedure is quite straightforward, so nobody should have trouble with it. Here is how you can make the best NFT investments:

Create a cryptocurrency wallet. Crypto is necessary for buying NFTs, and a special e-wallet is required to store digital currency. NFTs are often compatible with Ethereum, which means it is better to open a wallet convenient for storing ETH. MetaMask is one of the most recommended e-wallets when it comes to working with non-fungible tokens.

Buy coins. When your Ethereum wallet is ready, you can invest in some crypto. As mentioned earlier, ETH is the best call for buying tokens. Some top crypto exchanges are Binance and Coinbase. Use them for buying cryptocurrencies.

Choose an NFT market. NFTs can be bought on specialized online marketplaces. One of the most popular markets for ETH-based NFTs is OpenSea. You can try this one or any other marketplace that sells tokens you are interested in.

Connect your wallet. After picking an NFT marketplace, you need to create a user profile and connect your crypto wallet. This is necessary for making purchases easily.

Pick an NFT. Choose your preferred token on the NFT marketplace and buy it with your connected wallet. In case there is bidding, place your bid and wait for the auction to end.

This is how you can buy an NFT you like. There are thousands of unique tokens available now, and their price varies dramatically, so everyone can find an accessible option.

What You Can Get When Buying an NFT

Most people know non-fungible tokens as digital art pieces, which is true because artistic works are some of the best NFTs to buy. But in reality, NFTs can take many forms. Here are some of the tokens available for purchase nowadays:

  • Artworks. The most popular NFTs are, of course, virtual paintings. These pictures are either unique digital art pieces or real-life paintings turned into virtual pictures. They are most popular because many of them represent collectibles where similar characters are drawn differently, so each piece is unique in its own way.
  • Tweets. This is one of the unique cases of NFTs. The CEO of Twitter actually sold his first-ever tweet for almost three million dollars. While tweets remain on the site, buyers receive ownership over the unique tokens.
  • GIFs. Just like any other digital artwork, GIFs can be sold as NFTs. It is just another picture format like JPEG or PNG. One of the most famous GIFs of all time, Nyan Cat, was actually sold by its creator as a non-fungible token.
  • Songs. Not only artists can receive benefits from NFTs but also musicians. Songs and music tracks can now be tokenized and sold with the right of ownership without intermediaries, which is very profitable for the creators.
  • In-game purchases. Buying items in video games was always a thing, but now players can purchase unique tokens in their favorite titles. Various weapons, clothes, or unique items are among the best NFTS to buy.
  • Essays. Writers can tokenize their essays to raise funds for various causes or make a living. This is a great way of supporting writers and researchers.
  • Domain names. The NFT community offers unique and high-quality domain names for businesses and individuals. Such domains are not only one of a kind but also reliably protected.
  • TOP 5 NFTs to Invest In for 2022

    Because of the abundance of tokens on the market, it might be difficult to find a top NFT to invest in. Here are some of the best projects to consider.


    This is a project limited to 10 thousand unique characters. They are all generated in a way that makes each token unique-looking. These NFTs are based on the Ethereum blockchain.


    NBA Top Shot

    Sports trading cards are now on a new level thanks to NFTs. These digital NBA cards are part of a virtual trading system. Everyone can buy a unique sports card in the form of NFT.


    This is a platform for distributing thousands of unique art pieces by numerous artists globally. Some of the best NFTs can be found here.


    These tokens are part of a fun online game. Here you can buy NFTs of cute and unique cats or breed two different tokens to create an entirely new kitty. Cute designs and collectability make them one of the best NFTS to buy.

    Dolphin Entertainment

    Dolphin Entertainment partnered with a fine artist to create a collection of stunning NFTs called The Flower Girls. There are almost one thousand unique pieces that allow generating one-of-a-kind tokens.

    Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

    This is an incredible collection of 8,888 vampire sprites. Each of them has a unique design that distinguishes every collectible. More than half of these tokens were already taken.

    Cool Cats NFT

    It is another limited collection on the Ethereum blockchain, which features 9,999 cats. They are drawn in a very cute style, and each of the tokens is randomly generated, so the cat sprites do not repeat.

    Is NFT the Best Investment?

    While the value of cryptocurrencies is much more stable, the price for each NFT is determined purely by demand. Investing in NFTs is definitely risky. However, so is investing in traditional art. NFTs are most suitable for creative minds who have an eye for great art. With a relatively small investment, it is possible to purchase a digital art piece that will cost literal millions of dollars very soon.

    Where to Buy NFTs

    Non-fungible tokens can be bought from specialized marketplaces. If you want to find the best NFT to invest in, try some of the most popular and secure markets. They include OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation, and more. OpenSea is usually the go-to place when it comes to buying tokens with ETH.

    Investing In Non-Fungible Tokens

    While it is quite easy to invest in NFTs, the question is, Why should you even consider buying these tokens? There are several reasons why NFTs are becoming such a big thing now.


    We all know that certain cryptocurrencies are limited. Even BTC has a limited supply, but there will be 21 million coins overall whereas numerous NFTs have a much smaller supply. For example, Bored Ape is considered one of the best NFT investments as of now. There are only 10 thousand NFTs of this kind, which means it will be possible to own one of them only by purchasing an already existing token from someone else. This scarcity creates high demand and the value of tokens increases.


    People love collecting things, whether it is stamps, butterflies, crystals, or anything else. NFTs make collecting art accessible for everyone. It is not necessary to go to real-life auctions to purchase a famous piece of art when you can simply buy fun or gorgeous digital picture with a few clicks. While each NFT is unique, many creators issue lines of similar characters in different outfits and so on. This allows collecting your favorite tokens and create your own gallery.

    The Future of Non-Fungible Tokens

    It is still unclear whether NFTs will become truly popular and stable or lose their fame. NFTs are still not as reliable and common as cryptocurrencies, and there is a lot to be improved. However, they have been already opening new horizons for artists from all over the globe. non-fungible tokens provide new revolutionary ways of monetizing your art and earning a living by creating content.

    Pros and Cons of NFTs

    As with any blockchain project, NFTs have their strong and weaker sides. Here are the main benefits and disadvantages of non-fungible tokens and investing in them.


  • Art pieces often gain value over time. NFTs can potentially show the same growth.
  • Selling and buying tokens provides access to a much wider audience and allows expanding the market to the extent that was impossible before.
  • Thanks to the usage of smart contracts, creators can receive a royalty from sales in addition to initial payments.
  • Disadvantages

  • Because NFTs do not generate income, their price is usually defined by demand, which can drop or even disappear at any time.
  • It is not cheap to create NFTs, and it is important to consider all the fees attached.
  • As NFTs are blockchain-based, their creation and redistribution affect the environment.
  • Summing Up

    The market of NFTs continues to grow, and new exciting projects appear every day. Everyone has a chance to invest in top NFTs regardless of their experience with blockchain or cryptocurrencies. With a little preparation, even novice investors can purchase some of the most promising non-fungible tokens on the market. Though NFTs do not generate income, they are great assets that can hold your investments. Due to their scarcity and collectability, it is easier to determine the next hot tokens and invest in them to receive huge profits. NFTs deliver new opportunities not only for artists but also for musicians, video game developers, and other creators. The future of digital art seems to hold unlimited possibilities, as creators can now receive high income without intermediaries. By investing in NFTs now, it is possible to receive a great return on your investment in the nearest future.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are the Best NFT to Invest In?

    Some of the best NFTs to invest in are definitely digital art pieces. They are more popular than other NFTs and have a considerably higher value. Some of the most demanded tokens right now are Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Pudgy Penguins, Doodles, etc. Bored Apes remain on the top because some celebrities have already invested in the project.

    What Can I Get as NFTs Assets?

    A vast majority of non-fungible tokens are digital images that represent artworks. However, NFTs can also take the form of videos, music tracks, screenshots of various Internet posts, different items in video games, etc.

    Can I Invest In Non-Fungible Tokens?

    Yes, everyone can start investing in non-fungible tokens after small preparations. Even a beginner can purchase an NFT from a designated marketplace by opening a cryptocurrency wallet online, buying some crypto, and paying for the token with it. Some tokens might require winning a bid, but the process is very straightforward otherwise.

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