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How to Find Best NFT Communities in 2022

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NFT communities are created for enthusiasts of certain NFTs and applications based on Blockchain technology. Joining such clubs allows the audience to stay tuned about the latest news, available digital products, and more. Now read comprehensive information on such communities and learn how to find the right ones.

What Is NFT Community?

It means a group of people who are active collectors, traders, or sellers of NFTs. The latter stands for non-fungible tokens. Each of them is a digital file in the form of video, image, artwork, and other types of content. Such communities are created to discuss and exchange NFTs of certain types.

The Role of Communities

Building a large NFT crypto community is highly important because this ensures successful NFT sales. It takes some time for a startup to become known among the target audience. The more people are involved in this process, the quicker it is possible to gain some profit.

Best NFT communities have lots of participants sharing their thoughts and ideas, asking questions, and contributing to further project development. Special tokens may be designed for members of these communities, allowing them to purchase certain NFTs. Investors looking for potentially profitable projects will surely want to know about the teams standing behind such projects and the size of the community around them. The larger and stronger the community is, the more investors will be attracted to your project.

How to Find Good Community

It is possible to use various resources to find NFT communities with plenty of active users. For example, different social media platforms allow using the “#NFT” tag for this purpose.

In fact, creating an official page of an NFT community on such a platform is a great way to start promoting it among users. Enthusiasts can also search for NFT communities on the Internet using their names.

Where to Look For

People can search for proper communities across multiple platforms and applications. Some of the most popular include Discord, Telegram, Reddit, and others. Find more detailed information on each of them below:


Discord is a free platform that has quickly become popular. Today, it is used by more than 250 million people. The application allows talking to your friends while playing games. It is highly convenient for meeting other players and socializing. It is not difficult to find the right NFT community on Discord. There are numerous clubs to join, depending on the type of NFT you are interested in, such as artworks, games, highlights, and others. Many communities of this platform reach several thousands of users.


It is a popular messaging app that can be used on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. It comes with enhanced encryption and privacy features. The program can be used for chatting in large groups. It features various NFT communities, which are easy to find and follow.


It is a highly popular social news platform and forum where users can find the best NFT community based on their preferences. The content is promoted by voting of site members. Registration is free, but users can upgrade to the Gold level by paying a monthly or yearly subscription fee, which gives access to various helpful features.

People can comment on posts, and this is how they can interact with each other. Another way to do that is by sending messages. This source is often used by NFT communities to discuss related topics.


Bitcointalk is a large online forum where people ask questions and discuss various topics related to Bitcoin, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and, of course, NFTs. Created by Satoshi Nakamoto, it has existed since 2009.

It is a highly helpful resource for people interested in learning more about the crypto world. Since it has existed for many years, it has already attracted a solid audience. There are plenty of topics to go through. Members of different NFT communities can also be found there. It is a good place to promote your NFT project and find a target audience. It is required to undergo a registration procedure to search in the forum, comment on a post, and do other actions.

There are many reasons why Bitcointalk is popular, and one of them is the availability in multiple languages. Also, it is easy to search through the extensive database using a special feature.


It is a social networking app with an NFT club that includes more than 70,000 members. Other NFT communities can also be found on this platform. There is an interesting way of how active users can interact with each other. Once they get the Clubhouse application, the users will see a list of virtual rooms. They can pick something of their choice and join the room.

Each room has a group of speakers discussing a particular topic. The rest of the audience can follow a conversation without participating in it directly. In essence, users of this club enjoy the audio experience only. But they can switch between different rooms whenever they want. The leaders of NFT communities, for instance, can create such a room and discuss a certain NFT project. Since there is no video involved, the participants do not have to worry about their looks.

What Are the Best NFT Communities?

The top NFT communities have the most activities around them. They can be arranged for different projects, such as NFT games or collectibles. Knowing about the top communities is particularly important for investors. The list of the best options includes:


This project was developed by Larva Labs and launched in 2017. It serves as a decent inspiration for artwork creators. Cryptopunks is powered by Ethereum, and it includes 10,000 unique characters mainly depicting guys and girls. There are also NFTs in the forms of Apes, Zombies, and Aliens.

Initially, those items were freely available for holders of Ethereum wallets. Today, CryptoPunks enthusiasts can purchase the works from their owners. Multiple NFT communities can be found on this resource.

Axie Infinity

NFT communities inspired by Axie Infinity are all about growing a network dedicated to this interesting game. The first Axie program came out in January 2022. The game was developed by Sky Mavis based on Ethereum. This startup quickly attracted lots of fans of NFT gaming. While it is not the biggest NFT community found on the market today, it is growing quickly.

The participants of this community can create, buy, and sell creatures called Axies. Also, they can participate in various battles. While the game is labelled “18+ age”, it is highly appealing to children thanks to the interesting style and unclear age verification process.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

BAYC is a highly popular project among crypto enthusiasts. The club includes a collection of 10,000 NFTs based on Ethereum. Those avatars can serve as tickets to an online social club. Today, it is one of the most prestigious collections in the world. Each NFT represents an ape with certain traits and visual attributes. One of the BAYC NFT communities camps on Discord and consists of 13,000 users.

OG Crystal

It is the best NFT community for those who appreciate amazing artwork. The project is expanding day by day. Currently, more than 15,000 accounts are created by the fans of OG Crystal. NFTs of this project come in the form of rendered “crystals.” They grow and transform each time after a sale. Different data is taken into account and processed, including:

  • buyers’ crypto wallet
  • blockchain number
  • transaction time
  • ETH balance
  • All this helps to form unique combinations of coral and crystalline forms. The transformation process continues several times before the result is “locked” in a certain form. NFT communities dedicated to this project are accessible on various platforms.

    Vee Friends

    The collection of VeeFriends NFTs is also powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It is created by Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee). Currently, 268 characters have unique names, such as “Courageous Cockatoo,” “Adventurous Astronaut,” and others. The names are chosen by the creator based on the best traits that he values in people.

    The main purpose of VeeFriends is to provide a blueprint on how to use NFT technology. The collection comes with its own token known as VeeFriends. Once a VeeFriend NFT is purchased, the buyer becomes a member of the VeeFriends community.

    The person also gets access to VeeCon. It is an event run only for NFT holders. This conference focuses on discussing various matters, such as ideas, marketing, business, creativity, and more. Such events are a great opportunity for the members to meet and discuss things they are interested in.

    What Impact Do the Communities Have on NFT World?

    NFT communities can help the NFT world grow. They contribute to the promotion of NFTs, which also impacts the price. Since the number of users is going up, this makes the number of crypto users greater as well. Investors are quickly attracted to successful projects. New interesting ideas will appear, drawing more attention to the NFT sector. More and more people will be aware of the amazing opportunities of Blockchain technology. All in all, NFT communities are highly important for the development of the NFT world.

    Why It's Important to Build an NFT Community for a New Project

    To make your NFT project popular, it is essential to let people know about it. That is how you will find your target audience. This will ensure regular NFT sales and bring high traffic to your profile. Large communities will help you build a solid reputation quickly. Of course, it is vital to create an interesting NFT project that really deserves attention from a mass audience.


    NFT communities play a crucial role in the success of an NFT project. They are visited by fans, potential investors, NFT developers looking for ideas, and other users. Every creator who aims at promoting a project needs to think of an effective way to draw people’s attention to their NFTs. Finding such communities is possible on different social media platforms and other resources.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is the Role of NFT Communities?

    An NFT community is a crypto community created for fans of a certain NFT project to discuss it, exchange digital items, and more.

    Where to Look For NFT Communities?

    Such communities can be found on various social platforms and messaging applications. It is often possible to find them by using the “#NFT.”

    Why It's Important to Build an NFT Community for a New Project

    After creating your NFT community, it will grow through word of mouth, post sharing, etc. It is essential to keep the followers interested in the project and timely reply to their questions.

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