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Published February 7, 20227 min read

How to Make an NFT In 2022

CoinMooner Team

Making such digital content is possible on different blockchain platforms. The exact answer to the question about how to make an NFT depends on the platform used for this purpose. Before starting the procedure, it is essential to learn enough information on digital assets of this type. It can be found in this article.

What Is an NFT?

The NFT term stands for non-fungible tokens. It is a piece of digital content based on the blockchain. The main difference between it and cryptocurrencies is that NFTs are not equivalent to each other. If a single bitcoin is identical to another bitcoin, each NFT is unique. So, NFTs are not mutually interchangeable.

Various types of content can be turned into an NFT to ensure authenticity. Making an NFT is a great way to protect ownership of creative work. An NFT can be virtually anything, such as artwork, a collection of NBA highlights, videos, images, and more. It is possible to sell NFTs on different exchanges. Unlike physical objects, it is easy to trace the ownership history of such an asset. While it is possible to copy an NFT, there can be only one original.

Before learning how to create NFT assets, it is essential to find out the reasons to do that. They are as follows:

  • to store a certain digital object in a secure place;
  • to protect ownership of an asset;
  • to make a profit by selling an NFT.
  • Why Is It So Profitably?

    People can enjoy significant benefits by offering their digital assets to the world using the blockchain. For example, in 2021, a digital artwork by Christie’s Images was sold for $69 million.

    The main advantages of NFTs include:

  • Security. Traditional collections are under certain risks. They can be stolen or rigged. Thanks to blockchain technology, such risks are virtually eliminated.
  • Authenticity. Proving ownership and authenticity of a digital piece of art is hassle-free when blockchain technology is used. NFT transactions are easily traceable, and each NFT comes with a unique certificate created by the blockchain.
  • Accessibility. All the digital assets can be accessed by the owner at any moment from any place. Users can browse the entire collection on their smartphone using their crypto wallet.
  • Royalties. When it comes to physical objects, collecting royalties can be associated with paying fees to intermediaries. The use of blockchain helps avoid losing money since such transactions are conducted directly.
  • Therefore, many people start thinking of creating an NFT. At the same time, lots of users consider buying this type of digital asset. The demand is growing along with prices.

    Types of NFTs

    Different types of NFTs exist. It is important to learn what they are before making an NFT:

  • Digital content. It can be music, digital art, videos, and more.
  • Gaming items. Such items can be sold to other users. This is how gamers can enjoy playing various games and also generate some income.
  • Domain names. You do not need to pay any fees to a third party to manage your domain name. Register it as an NFT and sell it.
  • Physical items. Various physical items can be turned into a digital format. It is possible to tokenize such objects as fashion items, real estate, and so on.
  • Investments and Collateral. Borrowing and lending funds on a blockchain platform require collateral. NFT files can be used in this case.
  • Now, learn how to create an NFT.

    How to Make an NFT in 6 Simple Steps

    Several steps are involved in making your own NFT. It should not be a time-consuming procedure. Here are the detailed instructions on how to make an NFT:

    Choose a Marketplace

    Different blockchain technologies can be used in creating an NFT. You need to determine which of them matches your requirements. Ethereum is the most popular platform for this purpose. Some other options are Cosmos, BSC Polkadot, and Tezos.

    Set Up Your Digital Wallet

    It is essential to create a digital wallet because you will need to use some cryptocurrency. Also, the wallet is crucial to access your digital assets. Different options are available, such as Math Wallet, Metamask, Trust Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet. You can pick one based on the quality of support, security measures, customer reviews, and other factors.

    Select Your NFT Marketplace

    Now that you have a digital wallet and some coins on it, start the creation procedure. While it does not take much time to create an NFT, you may need to wait a bit until you can sell it. At this point, pick a reliable marketplace. You have several options for this purpose.

    The top markets to choose from are OpenSea, NBA Top Shot, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, and some others. It is essential to understand the peculiarities of each of the platforms to make the right choice.

    Create the NFT

    So, how to make an NFT? In this case, you need to follow the instructions on the marketplace. Before you turn your content into an NFT file, prepare it properly. Make sure that it is in the format required by the chosen platform. Also, check whether the file is of the proper quality.

    Upload Your File

    The uploading process for creating NFTs depends on the platform, but usually, the following steps are involved:

  • clicking on the Create or New button;
  • unloading the file;
  • adding the necessary description;
  • completing the procedure.
  • Follow the Platform's Instructions

    After creating NFTs, you will need to list them properly on the marketplace. Of course, you will need to do that if you are interested in selling your assets.

    How Much Can I Charge for NFT?

    There are various factors to take into account when determining the price of your asset. First of all, you need to understand its true value. Search for prices of similar items, which will give you an idea of what to expect.

    Not only do you want to earn some income but also fully cover all the expenses associated with this procedure. Some upfront costs are usually involved in minting an NFT. Also, you surely had certain expenditures while creating the original file. You should estimate the potential profit before you even learn how to create an NFT.

    All in all, there are three ways to sell your NFT:

  • Fixed price. A person willing to purchase your item will simply do that right away.
  • A timed auction. In this case, your item will be presented in the auction for a certain period of time.
  • An unlimited auction. It allows you to decide when to end it.
  • NFT Marketplaces

    You already know that the answer to the question of how to create an NFT mainly depends on the marketplace you choose.

    Here are the top options you can consider:

  • OpenSea
  • Larva Labs
  • NBA Top Shot
  • Rarible
  • SuperRare
  • You should find clear instructions on how to make an NFT on each platform.

    What Is Stopping People from Copying the Digital Art?

    When posting your digital content, such as images, on the Internet, there is always the risk that it will be copied and used by others. Regular Internet content can be protected in the following ways:

  • posting the content in low resolution;
  • making images of small size;
  • adding a copyright notice;
  • using a watermark;
  • disabling the right-click button.
  • It will also help if you make it easy for people to contact you, and if you take actual actions when your content is used by other people without your permission.

    When it comes to an NFT, the situation is a bit easier here. It is possible to copy a digital file numerous times, but the ownership of the work will remain the same.

    Summing Up

    Now that you know how to make an NFT, you may consider creating your own digital file that can bring you some profit. It is essential to find the right marketplace that perfectly matches the type of content you wish to offer. Also, you need to determine its price and how you are willing to sell it (a fixed price or an auction).

    Creating an NFT is a really great idea for holders of unique content that may be interesting to others as well. It is a great way to earn additional money and build a solid reputation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Start Making NFTs?

    Making NFTs should be started with learning all the steps involved in this procedure. Users need to determine what object they want to create and which blockchain and market they are going to use for this purpose.

    How Can I Upload My NFT on the Marketplace?

    The uploading process depends on the marketplace that you use. You may be required to convert your file into one of the acceptable formats, such as PNG, MP3, or something else.

    What Do I Need to Start Creating NFT?

    To start making NFTs, you need to have a file, such as a video, image, etc. Setting up a digital wallet is also a crucial condition.

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