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How to Make and Sell NFT Art in 2022

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Digital art has become a huge trend recently. Currently, thousands of artists desire to know how to sell NFT art. They use online auctions and special platforms for this purpose. Keep on reading the post to get essential details on this issue.

What Is NFT?

NFT is an abbreviation of a non-fungible token. It is a unique data unit kept safely on a blockchain. The Ethereum cryptocurrency platform is mostly used for creating exclusive NFT digital elements. These may be music videos, photos, paintings, memes, etc.

How to Sell NFT Art

A visual artist has to make some vital arrangements to sell various sorts of NFT art. As one successful NFT artist once told us, “Selling my pieces of art as NFT requires painstaking preparation.” Thus, the following steps must be completed to trade on NFT platforms profitably.

Create a Web Wallet

To get NFTs as a payment for an art object, an Ethereum wallet must be created and loaded with money. Three top NFT marketplaces recommend that an artist should employ the Metamask wallet. It is available for any browser. After the web wallet is installed and run, a new user must back it up and store a 12-word recovery phrase. Now, the new wallet must be replenished so that authors could pay fees for using NFT platforms.

Add Money to Your Wallet

It is necessary to fund a Web wallet. An artist needs to switch to a cryptocurrency exchange and purchase the required amount of ETH. Then, the coins will be sent to a craftsperson’s wallet address. One can use BC Bitcoin or Metamask for this purpose. It is also possible to use wire transfer, bank debit and credit cards, Neteller e-wallet, or any other payment options for adding money to the wallet.

Submit Your Work on an NFT Marketplace

Now it is time to select a marketplace and sign up. Don’t forget to connect the ETH wallet to your new account. It is recommended to use OpenSea, Rarible, or SuperRare for selling various sorts of NFT assets. After the process is finished, a piece of new art should be submitted to the NFT platform. A new customer is asked to complete the following steps:

  • Use your Metamask wallet to sign in to, for example, OpenSea.
  • Go to the “Create New Collection” section on the new account page.
  • Enter the collection title, logo, and a short description.
  • Click the “Add new item” button to create a new NFT.
  • Upload the desired work of art and fill in additional info.
  • Finish the process by clicking the “Create” button and approving the contract via Metamask.
  • After it, the first NFT is minted. Then, the artist should select a pricing model of the offered artwork. It can be either an auction or a fixed price. Thus, a crafter is required to put up a new NFT for sale.

    Prepare Your Artwork

    A craftsperson should know how to make and sell NFT art in advance. It is obligatory to make a proper sample of his/her artwork. Every single image, GIF, or painting is limited to 100 Mb. It is a mandatory requirement of NFT marketplaces.

    Set up an Auction

    Two types of auctions are available for sellers to trade their art objects. These are:

  • Timed auction. A seller sets time frames for trading his/her NFT.
  • Unlimited auction. This option allows purchasers to make bids until the seller accepts the price.
  • When a craftsperson knows how to sell art as NFT, it is effortless for them to choose the needed auction type. Overall, an artist ought to select one of the auction options and set a minimum price for their NFT artwork.

    Promote Your Content

    NFT platforms lay their customers under an obligation to promote their traded art objects. Thus, an NFT creator must share his/her NFT piece of art via all available social networks so that the author's new audience could learn about the freshest works. For this purpose, authors should use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    Describe your NFT

    A new NFT listing should be properly described to be sold successfully in the shortest possible time. An artist who knows how to sell an art object as NFT would include high selling points in its description. Also, an artist is asked to indicate a royalty percentage in advance if he/she wishes to claim on future re-sales. Please note that a high royalty percentage may stop probable buyers from reselling an NFT because they may not get much profit for themselves. Thus, sellers are recommended to set up reasonable prices for their NFTs to get a strong revenue stream.

    Pay Fees

    Each marketplace that offers services for trading NFT art objects obliges a seller to pay certain listing fees. Numerous posts on how to make and sell various items of NFT art suggest that artists should pay an average fee starting from $20. When a seller places an object on a chosen platform, he/she will be provided with a service fee. It must be noted that creators ought to pay a sale fee and make a transaction payment for transferring cash from the purchaser's wallet to their own account.

    TOP 3 Platforms for Selling NFT Art

    More than 20 trustworthy platforms for selling NFT objects presently exist. They are divided into eight main categories. Please find the most significant and trustworthy marketplaces with the highest selling NFT works of art below.


    OpenSea is the most reputable marketplace. It offers digital support to everyone who wishes to trade all sorts of art treasures. The platform has been successfully helping artists to become rich by selling their artworks since 2017. OpenSea provides an auction for trading memes, paintings, pictures, and any possible sorts of art.


    Rarible enters the top three biggest blockchain marketplaces for selling NFT art though it was launched just a year and a half ago. An abundance of art objects can be bought and sold via Rarible. Each top crafter additionally receives a 10% royalty each time his/her art is resold.


    This marketplace functions as an exclusive digital art gallery operating on ETH. SuperRare deals exclusively with the best-selling pieces of NFT art that exist in a single copy only. The platform is known for selling photos and paintings. Thousands of art collectors visit SuperRare daily.

    What Kind of Art Sells on Marketplaces

    Knowing how to sell NFT art helps to pocket good cash by trading oeuvre. Overall, NFT marketplaces trade all possible types of digital artworks. These are images, photos, pixel art, paintings, 2D/3D graphics, algorithmic art, and anything created by an artist. More than 20,000 pieces of NFT art are submitted to marketplaces every day.

    Cryptocurrency Accepted by NFT

    A purchaser can use all types of cryptocurrencies to buy works of art on Rarible, OpenSea, or SuperRare. Particularly, one can use Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, and more than 50 other ways to trade NFT art. Moreover, in January 2022, MasterCard allowed its cardholders to use debit/credit cards for purchasing NFT art objects.

    Fees You Can Pay in NFT Marketplace

    When an artist is going to learn how to sell art on NFT platforms, he/she ought to understand that the marketplaces a customer to pay for their services. Presently, the top three NFT marketplaces collect the following fees:

  • SuperRare will charge a fee of up to 15 percent for the first art object sold. Each following deal will cost an author another 3 percent fee.
  • Rarible welcomes artists to sign up for free. When an NFT creator desires to put up a piece of art for sale, the marketplace will charge a fee ranging from $30 to $100 for each new NFT item.
  • OpenSea obliges every client to pay a fee for trading artworks. Currently, the marketplace service payments vary from $70 to $100.
  • Summary

    Selling various pieces of art as NFT has turned into one of the most popular sorts of earning nowadays. Artists and buyers purposely use such trendy platforms as SuperRare, OpenSea, and Rarible to make the most profitable deals. Consequently, now you can avail of the analysis on how to sell NFT works of art and which marketplaces to use to do it successfully.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are NFT Platforms?

    An NFT platform is a virtual environment that offers an opportunity to purchase works of art and put them on sale. Creators can trade and exchange such art objects as paintings, photos, videos, GIFs, etc.

    How to Sell NFT Arts?

    To trade an NFT art object, an artist ought to create a web wallet and deposit some money. Then, a piece of art should be submitted on a reliable NFT marketplace, and an auction must be set up.

    Can I Sell NFT Art Without Paying Any Fees?

    The major platforms compel their clients to pay certain service fees. Thus, an NFT creator can't sell art without paying fees.

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