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Right now is the last chance to join the presale of one of Solana’s most popular cryptocurrencies, Sealana (SEAL).

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What Do You Need To Know About Sealana’s Presale?

The project launched its presale roughly two months ago, and in that time, it raised over $5 million, all while selling its SEAL token for only $0.022 apiece. On June 6, however, the project announced that the presale will end on June 25 at 6 pm UTC, meaning that there is only four days of the presale left as of the time of writing.

Sealana is a seal-based meme coin developed on Solana’s network, and these two facts are what define the project, as can be said from the name.

The meme coin attracted great interest from investors, which allowed its ICO to blow up despite a somewhat slow start. The main turning point came when Sealana, which initially offered SEAL only in exchange for SOL, added support for additional cryptos, as well as credit and debit cards. Today, you can buy SEAL tokens with USDT, BNB, ETH, SOL, or cards.

Unlike most meme coins that can be encountered today, Sealana does not offer utilities or promise major returns. In fact, it doesn’t even have a whitepaper on its website.

The project believes these things are unnecessary for a meme coin, as its only purpose is to be a joke cryptocurrency, just like the original Dogecoin, launched way back in 2013.

Why Is This Solana Meme Coin So Popular Among Investors?

Despite lacking practical use, the project thrived in the meme coin market. There are several reasons that might be responsible for SEAL’s successful performance.

The first one is that 2024 has been a great year for memes, especially those running on Solana’s blockchain. Solana’s meme coin ecosystem thrived over the past six months, growing to the point where it can almost rival Ethereum’s memes.

Apart from that, Sealana stands out as a seal-based coin, rather than a dog or a cat coin, which has seen countless new additions this year.

Finally, the fact that it doesn’t offer utilities or promises of a great price surge also came as a breath of fresh air for many investors. With the meme coin market blowing up, every joke coin out there is trying to attract buyers with innovative technology or high staking rewards.

Sealana, on the other hand, simply offers a joke crypto that seemingly has no purpose other than to be a fun new coin to add to your investment portfolio. It embodies what a meme coin truly is — a humorous crypto meant to bring some fun to the crypto sector rather than compete with AI, DeFi, GameFi, or some other model.

In a world where each meme coin is desperately struggling for attention, Sealana’s simplicity won the investors. With that said, now that its presale is approaching its end, experts seem more convinced than ever that this is a gem worth having.

Matthew Perry, a popular crypto YouTuber with over 223k subscribers, said as much in his recent video above, and he is not the only one. The project has also been featured on ICOBench, one of the leading ICO comparison sites.

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