Professional Crypto Trading course
Everything you need to continue making profits in this Bear Market!

Meet Dominator! The Professional trader

He is the creator of a time-proven trading system “Raccoon Rocket 2.0” for short-term trades with a 90-98% success rate and “Pulsar” for long-term trades which has a 80% success rate.
  • I trade for a living. Father of 4 children
  • Top lector and adviser for trading companies in the past
  • Max trading capital $7 Million
  • I have been trading in the markets for 17 years. During this time, I have studied and tested a lot of different data from books, communicated with different traders, and gathered much of my experience. During these 17 years, I have experienced significant ups and serious downs. In the end, a stable, practical set of data was formed that allows me to work stably and earn money in the financial markets
  • Now I mainly focus on crypto. Why? You ask because Bitcoin can move more per day than stocks do per year. The maximum profit I've achieved in a year on large accounts is 360%, and on small accounts - 2500%. Maximum profit gathered per day - 84%, which would translate to a little more than $1 Million.
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You can make from 50 to 250% just in one trade

Cryptocurrency has been in a strong bear market in the past months & many people are experiencing losses. Prices still fluctuate but in a downwards direction, which can be used as successfully as trading on bull market.

Interesting fact - 10% from all MoonerTrade revenue will be used as buyback mechanism for CoinMooner Token!

Raccoon Rocket 2.0 Trading System video course

  • The course is 15 videos and trading checklist.
  • The Raccoon system consists of a set of entry and exit conditions, which we will describe all of them separately in each lesson. Training is simplified to the maximum so that you can fully master everything you need to use the system. For example, lesson 1 - how to draw a horizontal line, lesson 2 - how to draw a horizontal level as opposed to just lines, trend lines and so on. You will need to do all of this in high quality in order to use the Raccoon Rocket system so that you can take one lesson and complete it without too much information, and review it conveniently. There will also be basic things like - what an exchange is, long and short positions, stops, risk management, timeframes & everything else you might need.
  • There will also be basic things - what is an exchange, long, short, stops, risk management, timeframes, everything you need.

You will understand how Raccoon Rocket 2.0 works, exchange fundaments, all the necessary instruments required to use this system successfully and make a profit using it.

Additional individual live trading classes by Dominator and Alvaresz

  • It is necessary to convey to people that trading on the stock or crypto market can become their profession and a full-time job. It's not like going into the casino to gamble. This is its own field of activity, with its own laws, and if you know these laws and are ready to use them - then you have a ready-made profession for life. Moreover, the amount of earnings you can make is not limited by anything. Paying for high school studies, spending many years to graduate, and then getting a good job takes much more time. Somebody even goes to work at McDonalds. Here you can spend three months with practice and start earning solid money while being at Seaview resort.
  • Exclusive opportunity to work with a pro trader who lives off the market. Listen to his criteria and complete explanations. There will be an exam as well.
  • The training has been ongoing for the past 5 years exclusively for their own people. This is a great opportunity since the system is being offered to the masses, not only a select few.
  • During training, you will be able to work out the amount invested in your trading training repeatedly.
Price 2000$ usd*
*Available only after completing the video course, having understood the system, the basics, and passed the examination.

Trading team

  • Daddy of the Market. 49 years old. Trading for 17 years
  • Creator of Raccoon Rocket and Pulsar systems
  • Trading Lecturer and Advisor
  • Trading is his full-time profession.
  • Maximum daily profit achieved - $1 Million
  • Father of 4 children
  • The best student of Dominator. 35 years. Trading for 10 years
  • In 2018, I made 1000% in one trade using the Dominator'ssystem
  • I created my own indicator of impending future volatility,which has a prediction accuracy of 90%
  • This is an improved analogue of the Cypher B indicator which costs $1000/year
  • Automated the Pulsar system, which sends signals to Telegram or Discord
  • Assists Dominator in teaching his students

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