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KAMPAY is the digital currency of Africa, the continent upon which the 21st century will be built.

Considering Africa's overall financial status it can be easily deducted that Africa is thirsty for blockchain technology.
Africa is one of the World’s last great growth regions. As Africa’s population doubles to two billion over the coming decades, it's GDP is predicted to increase from $2 trillion to $29 trillion by 2050. Fiat currencies in developing economies can be at risk of hyperinflation and strong devaluation.

KamPay provides a solution and aspires towards banking the unbanked - empowering farmers across Africa through a unique collaboration with an association called Africa Grain and Seed.
In this program, 50,000 farmers will receive micro-lending services where the farmers receives loans of which he can buy products for his work (from Africa Grain and Seed),
The loan (up to 50$ worth of product) is in KamPay tokens, and can be cashed out for grain, fertilizers and the agriculture needs of the farmers. The product of the farmers is sold back to the local cooperatives where the loan is returned into the system for the next harvest period.

With doing so - we enable a new generation of people who receive the greatest financial opportunity of their lives, to enjoy the ability to save money, which isn't inflative and to run a healthier lifestyle.

KAMPAY is aiming to be a new hope in the African economy using a brilliant model of establishment driven by mass adoption with our amazing partnerships and collaborations across all industries to bring this dream into a reality.

KamPay - Micro-Lending, Crypto ATMs, DeFi, Lotteries and more!

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