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Launched On2021-07-17
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Binance Smart Chain: 0x37eBB7138122DF4954d14144b3a8E75279D89E3B

NekoAngel is a community project. Our team devotes time and hard work (as well as our thick budget) to create lovely atmosphere for every member. Not just we take your feedback seriously and appreciate every of your comment, this project will be more than what a typical token could have ever offered. While we follow our roadmap (NFTs, partnership, and, so on), we invite you guys to hold your $NekoAngel tight. By doing this, you would not miss any developments of our project. As to a incentive for being patient with us, we have created a system that so called “Neko reward” which automatically distributes all NekoAngel holders a large portion of $BNB hourly. Besides, our tokenomic also consists of Buyback system, Automatic liquidity pool, and, anti-whale dump features. Moreover, when it comes to marketing, we do not just promote HARD🔥 on the launch date, we also have a plan for marketing fund to keep our token on trend.
To summarize of all above-mentioned, without any doubts, this is a long-term community project; we, together, could make everything possible.
Now, everyone has a challenging quests;
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