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NFT-QR is a mobile App  which aims to be the QR CODE 2.0; the goal is to fight against identity theft  of Street artists.  In a simple snap our A.I. will use image recognition,   geolocation and computer vision to match the user's image to the blockchain-based digital counterpart; so that the user can donate to the street artist with our utility token and have access to all the informations concerning the urban artist.

Street-Art is our first product which the next generation of QR Code with blockchain. You can any image at anywhere and return informations based on blockchain.
A new Marketplace will be create for urban artist build on secure visual infrastructure combined with AI, IPFS, OX Cert protocole and Public Blockchain. Just scan any urbain art and let our application generate passive income to you.

Bridge Virtual is our second product which is a Dapp to allow you to link physical art through NFT. Assets will represent like NFT or NFT.2 which can be owned by more than one person. Every Asset will be pass by Ownership Protocol before publish on the marketplace

Instrumental is our third product which solution will help beat makers to protect their works. We will certify their work with our solution on the blockchain. With our marketplace they can sell it to anybody. Shazam api can help us as part of this solution.

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