Market Cap:$2.42T(-5.28%)
24h Volume:$171.02B
BTC Dominance:52.44%
Cryptocurrencies listed:40718
Total Airdrops:1944
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Binance Smart Chain:

⚡️oBNB Kenobi⚡️
May the reflections be with you!
💥A long, long time ago in a BSC galaxy far, far away, it is a period of crypto war. Rebel investors striking from the smartchain have won their first victory against the evil Tokenomics Empire.
💥During the battle, rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the empire’s ultimate weapon, the Death Token, a high powered token with not enough liquidity which would destroy an entire crypto currency.
💥Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, O-BNB-Kenobi races home aboard his smartchain, custodian of the stolen plans that he can use to save investors and restore fair trade to the galaxy….💥
‼️Pre-Sale Information‼️
Hard Cap - 1800bnb
Soft Cap - 1200bnb
💶Tokenomics explained:
The total tax is 14% which is divided into the following:
8% goes back to holders as bnb reflections.
4% goes back into the liquidity pool.
2% goes to our marketing wallet.
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HOW TO BUY the Presale?

🔴Using MetaMask or Trust not on iOS

🟢Go to our website using your wallet browser at

▪️Connect your wallet and fill in the amount of BNB to buy. Press buy and you’re done!
The token received can and should not be used for trading in pancakeswap. This is a presale marker token.

▪️You will be airdropped the real token moments before launch.

🟡If you want your presale tokens to show up in your wallet you have to add them as a custom token.

❗️Do not buy the ca below it is not available on pancake.!

Symbol: oBNBk
Decimals: 18

‼️Do not use the presale tokens to trade with. Do not send your presale tokens to another wallet.

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