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We’ve created the coin called $KEYS and the reason for that name is referring to the Keys of Solomon; a book of magic that King Solomon wrote. According to mythology, King Solomon originally wrote the book for his son Rehoboam and commanded him to hide it in his tomb upon his death. Allegedly, the book was later discovered by a group of Babylonian philosophers while repairing Solomon’s tomb. One of these men received a vision in which a supposed angel commanded him to hide the book from the “unworthy.” This led the philosopher to cast a spell on the book.

Basically speaking, we will create a cryptocurrency token that holds many truths to unlock the Wisdom and Wealth you can possess to achieve new things in life. We have the $KEYS to unlock many doors. Own your crypto, HODL your $KEYS.

Our vision is to encourage total privacy, transparency and security through a completely decentralized world and anonymous system. We all saw what happened with Dogecoin and how something that started off as joke can indeed become a reality with the power of a driven community. We have real use cases.

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THE MOST IMPORTANT THE DISCORD ! come joint the great community XLM giveaways , polls and a lot more!

We decided to build a strong and fun community on Discord. It will help create determination and will give a purpose to join. The Solomon Protocol is a fun and resourceful project driven by it’s community. Here we will work as a community to build and develop the vision to achieve the final goal. The community will be rewarded for their efforts and the reward may vary depending on their roles. We will have different roles in the Discord server which will be made up of:

Admins, Barons, Templars, Djinns, Citizens & Solomons Servants (bots). ect

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