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Launched On2021-05-04
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Ethereum: 0xE38B72d6595FD3885d1D2F770aa23E94757F91a1

The project is co-financed by European Union

The currency is used to purchase the tokens of the projects with active fundraisers on the crowdfunding-tokenization platform Tecra Space (

The tokens serve as a confirmation of your participation in the project and concluding an agreement between you (the investor) and the project creator. The tokens you can obtain on Tecra Space represent real early-stage businesses, therefore there is a tangible value behind both the token and the TecraCoin currency. This is how Tecra responds to the current trend of tokens with unlimited supply and no real use.

The value of TecraCoin is linked directly to the tokenomics of Tecra’s project. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the price of TCR does not fluctuate according to market speculation but is influenced by the development and success of real businesses and projects on Tecra Space.

In addition to the coin on Tecra’s native blockchain, the company specifically created an ERC-20 based TecraCoin token to quicker and easier integrate with new exchanges, and to speed up the global expansion of the project.

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