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The Web3 Project V2

The Web3 Project V2 TWEP

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Launched On2022-07-18
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What is the Web3 Project V2 (TWEP)?

The Web3 Project provides a decentralized financial asset that rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model through the use of its unique Web3 Auto-Reward Protocol (WARP) Web3 Auto-Reward Protocol (WARP) is a new financial protocol that makes rewards easier, more efficient and awards $TWEP token holders the highest stable returns in crypto. Web3 Auto-Reward Protocol (WARP) gives the $TWEP token automatic reward and compounding features, and the sustainable price boost of 30% annually and a 20% APY The Web3 project is a company focused on DeFi, GameFI and Social Finance innovations that creates benefits and value for $TWEP token holders.

What is the utility of The Web3 V2 Project?

  • Dual Rebase.
  • DAO.
  • NFTs.
  • Metaverse.
  • Whistle (A user experience decentralized app).

What makes The Web3 Project V2 unique?

  • Faster Rewards: EVERY 3 SECONDS
    Other projects give rewards every 15 or 30 minutes or more due to their limitation. People have to wait the next 15 or 30-minute period to get the next reward before doing something. Web3 divides rewards into smaller portions and gives them every 3 seconds. One cannot miss or wait for any reward as this is the theoretical maximum speed in BSC by combining it with the passive APY, it gives higher rewards than any other stable project.
  • Safer:
    Other projects use an EOA wallet for the burn. Also, others use an EOA wallet or owner contract for LP token receivers. No one knows if they have the key to control that wallet or not. They can sell big amounts of tokens or pull a big amount of liquidity ANYTIME. WEB3 have been consistently pointed out that this is a big security issue. And recently, CertiK delisted Safuu because of this issue. WEB3 burn address is a verifiable 0xdead address that has no owner. Also, WEB3 LP token is automatically Burned in every auto-liquidity event. More Stable We have utilities that generate real income. Through these sources we inject LP into $TWEP, making it more and more stable over time. More Healthy Other projects experience a big price drop when adding LP. Thanks to our proprietary algorithms, We do not.
  • More Sustainable:
    Other projects promise huge APYs and returns but are just a gimmick to take your money in the short term. We keep it real and give what we know it is possible and sustainable, creating a safe environment for everyone involved.

Who are the founders of The Web3 V2 Project?

Few team members are doxed. Also, the project and its members have been KYC'ed via third-party services.

  • Angeloshi: CEO.
  • Zag: Chief of Staff.
  • Lab: CTO.
  • Lemon: CMO.
  • Nexy: Lead Game Dev.

What are the future plans for The Web3 V2 Project?

  • Marketing in all major platforms.
  • Ads on sports events.
  • Marketing in e-sports events.
  • TWEX (Own CEX).
  • TWEP Blockchain development.
  • Whistle Dapp release.
  • Events attendance NFT.
  • The Upfinity League mobile release.
  • Multichain NFT marketplace.
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