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VICE KING is a Binance Smart Chain token. There was no pre-sale and the token entered the market on 06/26. The objective of this TOKEN created on the BINANCE SMART CHAIN is to create several concrete projects. The first project is to create a FREE RADIO station on the network of FM stations. It will be the world's first radio dedicated to cryptocurrency. Once this radio channel has been set up, it will be completely autonomous and will be able to exist permanently thanks to 2 hosts, a sound technician, and a marketing attaché. Thanks to corporate sponsors and advertisements, the radio station will be able to generate profits and be able to reach out to new horizons, even to expand. Once this project is completed, the notoriety of VICE KING will be greater and will have a greater place in the world of crypto. Investors will give this crypto a positive rating. In addition, the radio station will schedule a daily broadcast of VICE KING advertising, and even encourage listeners to continue investing in it. As a result, VICE KING will be constantly nourished even after the completion of the project. We are therefore on a token that promises us a long lifespan. It's not just a pump and dump where whales stuff themselves on the backs of little holders. We do not want to take temporary positions, the principle of VICEKING is to hold as much as possible as investors arrive. I am part of the STAFF of the founding team of this project and we would like to see VICEKING touch the sky, and it will be possible, only thanks to you! Our team is very active, we are present in the various communication channels, we are transparent and we are not hidden behind pseudonyms in order to drive buyers towards a dead end. We will fight for this token to be courted in the market. Viceking intends to stand out from other BSC tokens through its trust. Our team would therefore like to develop projects that respect the environment, we are committed to the planet. We really want to eliminate every waste and therefore, out of every possibility, we will first think about producing energy in a way that is environmentally friendly. From a TOKENOMICS point of view As for the SAFEMOON, there is a tax equal to 10% on each sale and here is the distribution: 5% are paid into the liquidated which will allow to stabilize the coin and to be able to make it evolve over time. 4% redistributed to holders which is a great reward for the diamonds hands. 1% will be dedicated to the marketing wallet. This is a small percentage because we want you all to be involved in your investment. We prefer that you do the role of relationship marketing. If you do propaganda, you can grow your investments. The more people buy, the more tokens you will receive on your wallets and these tokens will increase in value because the market is regulated according to investors. This is a WIN WIN operation.

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